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Dawn of empires BETA, dev logs and other updates will be delayed. On the plus side, I new project has begun creation.

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Why have there been no updates?

Dawn of empires has been in development for a while now (2 months, nearly 3) and in this time, things have been going well. The game has been progressing at a good pace and errors where minimal. That was until about a week ago, when my hard drive failed. After getting the game recovered I thought great, I can continue with my work, but I started to hit problems. Large bits of game code were missing, some of theses would mean other scripts wouldn't work. I have to go through the whole project fixing corrupt data, wich will take a long time. This is why I am fo using my attention on another game I have been thinking of. Don't wworry though, the game isn't cancelled it's just that I want to work on something else while I fix it. When it is fixed, work will resume at the same rate as last time.

Project Rebirth

Project Rebirth, a post apocalyptic RTS that has the player fight to gain control of the burnt world. The game idea and design have been inspired by a few sources:

-Bethesda's Fallout and the idea of nuclear

bunkers shielding people from the burnt surface

- The graphical design choice has come from
a great indie dev YouTuber called ThinMatrix (Who I see as a role model)
with the idea of low poly, great for somebody like me who isn't
great at 3D artwork.
So what is the story? It's the year 2075 and North Korea and China, now both with some of the biggest military's in the world, launch a nuclear strike against the rest of the world. The war is over quick, and bothe China and North Korea begin invading the countries, taking full controll. Before the war NATO create Project Rebirth, with the aim of keeping humanity alive and rebuild from the ashes. A large bunker was built deep into the ground, containing people from different NATO countries and stored with enough resources to secure the planet. After the war the bunker is opend and you, the player, must begin your assault against the Chinese and North Korean forces.

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