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We're closer and closer to being done with this project. Meanwhile, here are the second group of places that we've recently done.

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1. Mansion Living Room - Su Jin Village

Remember that you'll live in a mansion back in Su Jin Village? Now here's how the living room looks like

Mansion Living Room

2. Mansion Dining Room - Su Jin Village

And every mansion must have a dining room, right? Here it is

Mansion Dining Room

3. Soldier Tent - Su Jin Village

Want to know more about the heroes that protect the village? Here's how their tent looks like

Soldiers Tent

4. Princess Quarter - Chrolstice

You are the princess of a kingdom, you know that. And one day you will surely come back. Here's how your quarter looks like

Princess Quarter

Princess Quarter 2

5. Master Quarter - Bing Tao Valley

When living is something stressful, maybe coming to a place close to nature can ease your mind

Bing Tao Quarter

6. Restaurant/Inn - (Any) Towns

This is how restaurant or inns in basically any towns will look like

Restaurant or Inn

That's all for now. This is the second time we come up with landscape images. There will be the one last time we post about landscape images that will conclude all the in-game places.

Next we'll come up with character profiles (and hey, the characters are now 3D). So stay tuned!


Ninja Vault Team

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