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Recapping Events in December and future updates to come.

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Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Holiday break, I know I did! So here is the recap for December


So game has finally launched into early access, yaaay! So now what? Well the work continues, that's what.

While the launch has been a bit slow, so far it has been pretty good! But as I continue to add more features to the game, I can only hope that more interest grows in my game.

What's next?

The latest update (0.2.11) has added leaderboards to the game, allowing you to rank your score in the PVE mode.

The next update is a pretty big one, it's the Scenario mode! What this mode will allow you to do is to position your ships to your liking, set their teams. and watch the battle unfold! You will be able to save your scenarios and in a later update, even share it on the steam workshop!

I will be releasing and showcasing more details on twitter as the mode develops.

In the mean time, go build ships, and most of all,


Scenario Preview: Twitter.com


Also comment below for questions or comments.

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