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New UI, levels, mechanics, features and surprises await in this new update of Death Injection! Come and check it out!

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Hello ladies and gentlemen! How are you doing? It's been a while since I posted here and a lot of stuff has changed through this time. And I'm sure you will love it just as me!


First of all, Death Injection is on Greenlight! Please make sure you vote it, it takes a few seconds and really helps the game :) Thanks!

Now let's get started with the update!

New UI

When you ended a level, there was no way to tell how great you had done, and it was even harder to know which level had you completed. But now it's all gone with this fancy display when exit a level.


Here you can see the time you needed in that run, the amount of death points you collected and depending how you did on these. And the best part is that it's actually recorded in the game. So you can easily access these data in the level selector.

New animations

I've also added a few animations here and there, they look really cool.

For example, when you destroy a red wall, blocks explode and start bouncing everywhere. Can you imagine when you have to go through multiple walls? It will be a mess. haha


New walls

From now on, all the non-special walls will be white-gray instead of black. But don't worry, if you touch it, it will become black for a few seconds. Why? Here are the reasons.

  • Now I will "force" the player to play touching the walls, if he wants to see play propertly.
  • But eventyally the player will remember the level and will play as he wants.
  • Let's be real, it looks neat.
  • Now the falls don't have any particles at all, and they are just black pitfalls.



Now the tutorial is changed, it's way better. It introduces 'codecs'. They are secrets that will be hard (or easy, depending on the level) to find. But they will show the player some backstory about the game and about the characters. This way, knowing more about the story will not only more challenging to find, but also, ommittable for those who don't want some crazy secrets going on ;)

They look like these:


Of course there are many new features I haven't covered. I will leave it up to you to meet these amazing things.

Future of the game

Now it's time to talk about the future. The game will pass through three stages before it's finished.

  • Alpha. A very basic GUI, just functional. Has a few mechanics and it's not polished. Gives an idea of how will the game look in the future.
  • Beta. Now it's starting to look more polished, but it still needs some work. It has a half or so of the content the future release will have.
  • Release. The game is finished and will deliver the full experience. It may need some fixes and maybe it gets future free updates ;)

Getting the game

Currently the game is in the Alpha stage. But, needless to say, the game's price will go up eventually, so if you like it, please consider buying it today (1$), as you will recieve the full game when it's released and a Steam key when it's Greenlit.

And, yesterday Death Injection got in a bundle with many other awesome games. They look great, so check it out.

So, that's the end to this update. Follow me on twitter (@JoelPrez11) if you want. Also, just a reminder for you to vote on Greenlight, it would be awesome.

Have a great day and don't forget to smile! See you next day :)

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