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Deadbuild 1.1.2 is a BIG hero updated! Featuring: Hero Levels,Abilities, New Heroine, Random map generation, enchanced tutorial and more...

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Deadbuild 1.1.2 - Heroes & Researches

Now that I have got most of the core featues finished and bugs fixed in previous updates.
I have finally been able to work on your wishes and requests!
So this is what many of you have asked and wanted for! A BIG Hero update!
Featuring: Hero Levels,Abilities, New Heroine and more...

Also I have made more researches available so that there would be more options how to
play some maps or how to start building your base. I made the tutorial even more better
and added a new world generation in random map survival: Oasis.
Let's take a closer look of the changes.

Summary of the update: New random map generation, hero skills, new tree ^^....

Hero Update!

New hero:
Many of you have asked more heroes so here is Athena new heroine.
She is melee heroine and she does extra pure damage to large monsters.
She has more hp and armor than any of the other heroes and she has the fastest attack speed.

Portrait of Athena, got the idea while I was on holiday at Crete

Hero levels:

All heroes can now level up. They gain full experience if they kill unit and quarter experience by standing next to dieing enemy unit. Hero Level, Exp, Kills and Deaths are saved on txt file when closing the game. Hero levels are permanent.

There is a new hero select screen where is more info about heroes and it looks much better than the old one. Every level will boost heros stats: Hp,Damage,Armor and Armor Penetration.

New hero selecting screen: more info, better looking and you can also see new difficulty levels

Passive Skill:
When hero gets to level 2 it gets a passive skill what is always "on" you don't need to use it.

Gimar: Can mine rocks.
Mary: Can see nearby enemies trough fog.
Rose: Boosts nearby villagers work speed.
Athena: Starts with extra warrior and -2 to population.

Active Skills:
When hero gets to level 4 it gets a active skill. You use it by pressing (A) or Skill button where Build button would be. Active skills have unique cooldowns.

Gimar: Can spawn a minable rock.
Mary: Can cast a firebolt anywhere at map damages enemies.
Rose: Boost her attack speed a lot.
Athena: Can blink to target position damaging enemies.

Athena and her neat blink skill


3 New researches. I have been playing a lot of the Age of Empires II HD what I bought from Steam summersale, ah classic. And I tought I could make more researches (Aoe has pretty many). With the new researches I wanted to give more options for players to explore how they want to play the game. Also all researches now show a time:xx how long will it take to finish the research.

In the name of Hero update more hero stuff:
RedArmy - Barracks: Spawns another hero, does not earn exp. Cost Food:100 Crystal:50

For the old time sake and Aoe2:
Masonry - Workshop: Gives +50 hp to every building on the map. Cost Wood:100 Rock:100

Just for something different:
FireStrom - Mageguild: Firestorm damages every enemy on the map. Cost Food:50 Wood:50 Crystal:50

Random map Survival

You can now choose between Grass and Oasis maps in Random map survival.
I played with the perlin noise generation and succeeded to create nice random Oasis map generator.
It gives now much better feel to random map now when there is 2 where to choose.
In next update I'm looking for adding Snow map Generation; maybe boats, docks, fishing, walls, gates and town cetners?

Random Oasis generation, new tree, new feel to random map survival

Enhanced Tutorial

Last update I made a new playable tutorial what was 100x better than the old one.
But I heard that the new tutorial did not really told you what these things do.
You were just told to what to do. So I added these cards what tell you that now.

7 new cards to help the player understand what is going on ... hopefully :D

New Difficulty modes

The game is hard, I know and so it's supposed to be.
But I want that everyone has a chance to learn how to play.
So here is now 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Normal (Hard)
Easy is the newest mode, you have more time and more resources available.
Medium and Normal are just renamed from the old modes Easypeasy and Medium.

Fixd & Changed:


  • -All heroes can now gain levels (Max level 9),Heroes experience and stats are saved when you close the game in hero.txt
  • -Heroes now have Passive and Active ability they are available at level 2 and 4.
  • -The bigger level hero is the better stats hero will have.
  • -Gimar: Passive: Can mine rocks Active: Can spawn a rock, global
  • -Mary: Passive: Can see nearby monsters Active: Firestrom global
  • -Rose: Passive: Boost nearby villagers workspeed Active: Boost attack speed 10x for a short time
  • -(NEW)Athena Melee Extra damage to large monsters
  • Passive: Mission starts with 1 extra warrior Active:
  • -Hero now when killing unit will stay where he is not move where enemy died.
  • -Bug: When shooting up hero does not anymore lookback shortly.
  • -New Hero selecting screen.


  • -(NEW)RedArmy - Barracks: Another Hero cost Food:100 Crystal:50
  • -(NEW)Masonry - Workshop: Stronger walls Give +50 Hitpoints to every building on map cost Wood:100 Rock:100
  • -(NEW)FireStrom - Mageguild: A big fire strom make dmg to every enemy on the map? cost Food:50 Wood:50 Crystal:50
  • -Armored, Increased maxhp to units from 10 to 50, so that it would not be so useless.
  • -Now all reseaches will show a Time:xx How many seconds will it take to complete it.
  • -New research bar


  • -Added 7 "cards" in tutorial to tell players what are villagers what are their purpose.
  • Not just to tell what to do but why and how.

*Random map survival

  • -New Oasis generation, you can choose between Grassland and Oasis worlds.


  • -When you look at tower you see now how many kills it has
  • -Add 1 new Difficulty level Supereasy. Named: Easy,Medium,Normal (Hard)
  • -When night starts wave message won't overlap buildmenu info anymore.
  • -Can't place rallypoint until building is ready.
  • -Cameralock reseting now properly.
  • -Removed Buildmenu button from non villagers because they could not even use it.
  • -Changed Buildmenu button text to White to be more easier to read.
  • -Bug:Does not anymore when restarting randommap change hero depending where your mouse pos is.
  • -Removed Shoreline collision.
  • -Added new Oasis tree image, also updated level 3 with it

*Indiedb & Desura

  • -Fixed the ReadMe text & summary text - thanks to TheBros35 from Reddit!

If you have enything on mind leave a comment and enjoy db!

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