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Bugfixes, rainbows, little tweaks and small new features.

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Deadbuild 1.0.6

Hello all again!
Todays patch does not really focuse on a specific area but it
tweaks a lot of bugs and brings some new little features.
I planned to realease this with the next patch where I show you later some sneakpeak
but I tought it would be better to realease this first so if these new features have
some gamebreaking bugs I can fix them quicker.


But anyways here are some new features:

Maybe the most markable remake what you can notice is the fog.
I fixed the fog around the unexplored areas and added some strange gradiants to the fog.
If you don't like it you can also turn it off to the old black.

New color gradient fog

Other markable what you can see when you play is that the
A* pathfinding algorith now finds the path faster if you are cliking on nature so the villagers
now don't spend time thinking where to go.

Something small what I changed but it now looks much bettter is that
buildings and rubble now interact with the lightning.

Buildings does not anymore glow at night

I love to play with my particle engine just a little tweaks you
can create some funny new effects. Also you mouse now changes color depending on
what you are hovering.

Rainbow and mouse ^^

Next Patch

And here is a sneakpeak for the deadbuilds offical website.
It's fun to do occasionally some html,css and js :P.

Sneakpeak at the website, what do you think?

For the random survival map (patch 1.1.0),
I have played with some PerlinNoise and the map generation is well
coming along it still needs a lot of tweak.

random map with perlin noise, a lot of adjusments to do

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy deadbuild!



  • Fix: Fps changed to window
  • Fix: Fog of war near unexplored areas
  • Fix: Level4 spawns a little.
  • Fix: "Removed empty" time at lastnight when all enemyunits are killed.
  • Fix: Weather particles are drawed to upper layer to be more natural
  • Tweaked: A* pathfinding algorithm to find better and faster paths.


  • Add: Buldings and rubble drawing is now linked to light. So they are darker at night.
  • Add: Fog of war color gradient On / Off
  • Add: Game is now paused when you lose or win.
  • Feature: Villagers will now go autobuild the building what you placed
  • Feature: Mouse indicator is now green when hovering friendly Npc's and Red when hovering enemy units.
  • Particle effects: when building gets destroyed
  • Particle effects: Rainbows


  • Bug: Hero now keeps the target what player has select even when it goes off range.
  • Bug: Level 5 now ends correctly when ElvenHq is destroyed
  • Bug: Hero does not anymore walk randomly at mission start.
  • Bug: Now when selecting friendly npc's it does not select also nature.


  • Change: In desura build removed save.txt from mcf file, Desura should not anymore erase saves when patching.
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