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Next and one before last update is coming, why it took so long and what be on future.

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At the beginning i have to apologize i know my English is not perfect.

Hello everyone!

Thanks to everyone who devoted their hdd space and download my last game. I realy appreciate this, so end of this sweetening and start talking about update.

i watch every ten Dead_Wheels let's play (ye, even Finnish and Portuguese( btw. it's interesting this game is most popular on Brasil and Portugal)) and when you indie "developer" watch thise videos is the best feedback because when you played your game you simple know where do you go and don't tested everything's

so everybody tells this game is impossible, its not impossible, main goal when i making this game, is created game what be hard like castelvana and mega man on nes but simple to control like Mario bros. But i had add some unrealistic things, like full cart controll (like car) because when i implement real control like turns request only ragdoll balanced, cart slip... THEN the game be impossible. and game is simple not fun at all but now when controls is what it is, the main goal become a side goal and crash give much fun than reaching "main goal". And last thing, now i have two ways first i can give more easy but i must creating more and more levels then everyone want only finish the game and delete from hdd AND secound way, i can little ballanced game (i realy make statistic and forced my friend to play 50 times and he 1 completed 5 be near completed and 43 crash) and create long street and add more obstacles, and this is what i do now with Dead_Wheels. In secound update i still repair little physics in game add trolololo in quietly in background and Bendover voices (YES! his name is Bendover!, no Bob, Jon, Jack, Obama…) and he is not black :) and add more cameras.

SO you player, yes you, you can do something to speed up my work and get next updated version! (yey happy…) what you need to do?
you have tree ways to do this:
first - you can like my page on facebook 100likes is not hard (now is 40)
secound - when game be download 800 times (now is 729 - and yes you didn't see this but i don't see any idea why i must lie you)
and last and the easiest way - when game be 3.000 times viewed (as you can see now is 2.697)

so Dead_Wheels is not all my world what i do next?

now i have one plan, week i thing about concept of game, draw and writing something and on friday night i sit to code and making 3D models, and when in sunday is really fun and good and don't lose things what i thing in week then works kip going thats how Dead_Wheels be released.

What i tinking now? first - medieval classic fps
plot: king is sick and when he is all kingdom falling into poverty (scarcity itd.) so only player get magic potion to cure king but its one way to get it - kiling dragon.

so player have 9 white weapons - sword axe itd and go to killing dragon.

next project - alone.
GTA + Leon the profesionalist + defense
player is sniper and little boy/girl be her eyes in mission and medic

And now small introduce of my next game. If i do everything what i think, this game be half way to finish my other project - RobotRPG. this is pre alfa version screen.

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