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DEAD END 3 Version 0.93 UPDATE Vlog! ... and it's Awesome!

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DEAD END 3 Version 0.93 UPDATE!

Been a while but it's finally time for changes!

Yo boys, I'm back after 5 month AFK (Sorry for that) with some new really cool updates for the game. Let me introduce BABY MUTANTS! >:)

Small creatures, easy to kill... But they are Fast and Many!

To Kill:

2 Shots from a Barret 50 Cal

2 Swings from a GodSword

1 Shot from L96A1 Rifle

I wanted to...

Balance the two rifles cause I know you can oneshot Mutants with the Barret 50 Cal if aiming in the throat witch you cannot do with the L96A1 Rifle + Barret 50 Cal has more ammo and shoots faster... But now when the L96A1 Rifle instakills Baby Mutants it will be more balance between the two rifles. :)

New Map!

New map call'd Sector E is now in the game and thats the place you will see the Baby Mutants for the first time. Not a small amount eather... >:)


Finally it happend!

Camera Smoothing

Feels much better! Before the mouse sens where connected to game FPS <- not good

Save And Checkpoints

Don't worry if you are bad at the game, you now have checkpoints and filesave! :)

Options Save And Remembers

Makes life easier.

Music Fixed And Added

Music will only play for a short while after going inside a loading screen, but it is still metal as F*CK! :D


Will Release another Version when more content is made, Hopefully soon! :D

Help me with donation at:

www.rednapgames.com (without https://) <3

Check me out on youtube:


And have a great day! :D <3


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