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Please welcome! The first series of updates in history, and the biggest in Project: "Anger"! For six months, we worked with the development team on the project. Current version: 0.11c

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Of course, yes, this is still not a full-fledged game - it doesn't even have fundamental mechanics, but the main mechanics and systems are ready. Now it is stupidly wandering around the apartments and the hacked infected. Temporary models and animations will be replaced as they are added to the library. In fact, it remains to fill the world with models, introduce a scenario, make basic mechanics and the game is ready. This is all quickly done, but without your help and support, the development can be delayed. We are refunding the price for a monthly subscription of $3. Funds will be used to order animations, models, sounds and more. Now the personal funds of the project manager are being spent on the project. But in the future we will rely on your support, we also plan to get fin. support from investors.

Part of orders of models:

coming soon

Possible orders of models:

And much more - but in moderation and in the theme of the game.

In addition to supporting the project by the players in the development, you can also submit your ideas, ideas that may be implemented in the project. The game, as mentioned earlier, will be not only single-player, but also multiplayer. For this, there are already blanks and ideas for implementation, and support for modification is also possible. We, as developers, will support this movement and will reward not only virtual gifts, but also real ones.

We sincerely apologize for the fact that you are getting so much raw product, but you yourself understand what time it is. You, as players, can greatly influence the development of the project and become the pioneers in it.

Enough about the preface, let's take a look at the update.

«Dead District»:

For a certain period of time, we will be releasing small updates every week - this is a series of updates.

The most important introduction is the infected. Now, unfortunately, a small part of the district is ready, and even then not fully worked out. I'll talk about this below, and now the list of changes:

  • correction of many minor bugs and shortcomings
  • balance edit
  • improved random value system
  • optimization:
    • new optimization core (at low frame rates, objects can be immersed for a long time, like the character itself)
    • new quick settings for drawing objects
    • optimization of effects and light sources
    • optimization of light processing and refraction
    • optimization of large volumes
    • new streaming system for loading / unloading parts of the location on the stage (buildings, trees, interior)
    • accelerated damage registration system
  • items:
    • added a temporary model and an icon for items that are in development
    • now the mass of all items affects the character
    • new flexible random item spawn system
    • new items:
      • axe
      • dark high toe boots
      • light high toe boots
    • new parameters:
      • food liquid
      • required volume
      • additional volume
    • if the inventory runs out of free space for items, then the item will not be picked up
  • environment data:
    • air temperature:
      • temperature is set randomly depending on the season and weather
    • random change in wind strength (changes approximately once every 15 sec.)
    • random change in wind direction (changes approximately every 3 minutes):
      • wind direction adds temperature to the air, depending on the strength of the wind and the direction itself
      • wind direction has polarity (for example, cold wind blows from the north, polarity is negative)
    • humidity (norm 50%):
      • directly affects the character, if below the norm, then the cost of water balance increases and the temperature decreases; reverse action at high humidity
      • set randomly in the aisles of the norm with a slight deviation
      • depends on the season and weather
  • the character:
    • optimization of models
    • character temperature:
      • added status
      • displayed in the inventory to the right of the character's body part indicators
      • affects the restoration of health and endurance (the higher from the norm 36.6 °C, the faster)
      • the temperature of the character is influenced by the air temperature (if it's hot, the water balance is spent, if it's cold - calories)
    • character's water balance:
      • added status
      • allows better heat tolerance
      • affects regeneration
      • calculated from the mass of the character, as a norm ~ 80% of the body weight
    • the character's weight is affected by his diet (the more he eats, the more it weighs; the longer it is to starve him, the less it weighs; if there are no calories, then the character's weight will decrease faster)
    • the more the total mass of the character, the faster the stamina is spent; the smaller, the slower, respectively
      added thermal insulation parameter (protects against low temperatures)
    • any movement the character spends stamina, water, calories and the temperature rises
    • character overheating (sweat):
      • added status
      • the longer the character is overheating, the more sweat is released
      • sweat lowers body temperature depending on sweat production
    • character calories are calculated using the Harris-Benedict formula (male (9.99 * weight (in kg)) + (6.25 * height (in cm)) - (4.92 * ~ 30 (number of years)) + 5)
    • character health is calculated as the sum of calories and water balance
    • added wind status (heat and strength in one)
    • system of interaction with the outside world (not complete):
      • door interaction
      • search of the refrigerator, cabinets and nightstands
    • you can now carry multiple weapons of the same type
    • the quality of skin and hair textures is increased
    • added additional texture maps to skin and hair materials
  • clothes:
    • optimization of models
    • items added:
      • temporary icons and models
      • partial description of the subject
    • added weight parameter
    • added thermal insulation parameter
      • heats up the character
      • thermal insulation is transferred to the character if the clothes are on him
    • added integrity parameter
    • added protection parameter (protection and resistance from external factors)
    • damage to clothes:
      • clothes deteriorate with each damage received in accordance with the difference between the damage itself and the clothing protection parameter
      • the less intact the clothing, the less all its parameters
      • damage is taken by the clothes that are worn in the received part of the body (damage to the torso - the shirt takes damage)
    • protects the character from damage and external influences of those parts of the body where this clothing is - according to the parameter of protection
    • added a universal system for changing clothes:
      • in order to put on/take off clothes you need to use them
      • if you are wearing a type of clothing that you already have, then a new one will be replaced
    • new simplified clothes changing system:
      • optimization of models
      • quick replacement
      • removed minor errors when drawing skin near clothes
      • productivity increase
    • texture quality increased
    • added additional texture maps to materials
  • building:
    • each room has its own atmosphere, which has weather environment multipliers
    • each room affects the character in its own way
    • each building has rooms divided into 3 classes (north, central and south):
      • the atmosphere in the rooms on each side depends on the location to the cardinal points
      • the atmosphere is affected by thermal insulation and other parameters of the building
    • each building has a temporary, typical and unexplored interior, which over time will be more varied, more lively and worked out to the smallest detail
    • light sources light up and go out smoothly
    • the doors are affected by any physical force if they are open
  • infected:
    • simple system for the appearance of infected at the location
    • the reaction of the hit is physical, like the player
    • optimized AI system
    • distance of activation of infected (25 meters from the graphics setting, starting from 0 - ultra low)
    • the path map grid follows the player and dynamically updates
    • the gaze area is tied to the eyes
    • infected people hear each other and the player in the same way as AI players
    • target recognition:
      • have a target type for both the player and their fellows
      • have a memory who is their own, who is a stranger
    • double attack animation
    • disappear after 5 minutes of real time after death
  • interface:
    • partially improved text quality
    • inventory:
      • simplified inventory work
      • partially rewritten inventory work code
      • cells in inventory are stretched according to screen resolution
      • the icon and the number of the transferred item will not go beyond the screen
      • added an item activity point near the icon, if the quantity is less than 1 unit. point is active
      • for items with a progression of use (food, drinks, etc.), the progress bar goes down the slot
      • in the inventory, the color of the item count/activity point/progress bar changes to bright green if the character is using the item
      • weapon change icon, next to hot slots, when activated, changes color to dark green
      • the hot slot icon also turns dark green if the item is in use
      • new weapon occupies the nearest free weapon slot
      • added inventory fullness panel:
        • weight of all items in inventory (in kg)
        • the maximum and current volume of items in the inventory
        • a scale of the filled inventory volume (yellow, more than 25% full, red more than 75%)
        • added the ability to change weapon slots (Ctrl+1/2/3)
    • authorization:
      • removed the character limit in the email input field
      • now you can recover your password by entering your email or by entering your alias in the game
      • added a link to the password reset web form



In the course of this series of updates, new high-rise buildings, sounds, logic of the infected and other goodies will be refined and introduced. Due to the pandemic, some team members had to work more in other jobs to earn additional funds. And for this, some of the models were not ready on time, some of them are temporary, and some are simply missing - this also affected clothing items and the surrounding world. At the end of summer 2020, the situation has improved, but also part of the team needs time to join the pace of development and catch up. And here on the nose, they say, another wave is moving... When you receive fin. support team will forget about the question "Where to get money for life" and will work much faster on the project. There will also be orders for models and animations on the sites.

Some changes to the rules and legal entities. strength, also affected the game. For example, new database processing methods have been introduced. During the monthly test of the system, no serious errors were found, only the password reset does not work correctly. Added to the game menu in the password reset web form. An error in the old form has been found and will be resolved in the near future.

That's all, write in the comments your opinions, wishes and ideas, if any.

Good luck and pleasant game!

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