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A small preview from the developers. Day of the Rising Dead will be available this year to play. Join our discord for inside news straight from the undead horses mouth.

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In 1981 the world was a different place.

It was a different place if you had access to a helicopter, and access to one during an apocalypse.

Each time you land the loud noise puts a huge target on your back from the living and the dead. Between the dead looking for their next meal and living looking for a way out of the hell on earth. You should always watch your surroundings when entering and exiting the aerial vehicle as to not walk into a trap, or a swarm. Zombies have their own sound and vision. Gunshots that echo will make every undead near you turn their head to see that loud noise. Playing with sound can lead to interesting results.

Pacifist only playthroughs are available by using sound to lure hordes ith things like megaphones or fire work traps. Crafting items for distraction requires much less than offensive or defensive weapons.

Zombies are the main enemy. They are a threat to be reckoned with. If you are to make it in this new old world you're going to have to grow resilient. This is not an action game, however you are given tools at your disposal. You may feel big and bad with your machine gun but ammo is limited. items are also completely random from a huge list of the useful to the downright silly.

The 3 meters are the players stats: Life, Balance, and Cardio. Mashing melee has negative results. Draining your cardio meter. Your cardio meter is similar to a stamina meter. As the cardio meter depletes your movement speed becomes slower and slower until your character is at a walking pace out of breathe. Drinks help refresh, but once you're surrounded its 1 or 2 bites and its over.

Using melee weapons lowers your cardio. The heavier the weapon the more so. There is also the balance meter. Zombies will attack you with melee punches decreasing your Balance. when that meter reaches zero you character enters a falling state. While down you are defenseless and can be eaten instantaneous. Also YouTube compresses my videos to toast.

Thanks for watching!

Day of the Rising Dead will be available this year to play.

Join our discord for inside news straight from the undead horses mouth


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