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Savegame System - Level 3 - Respawn System - Controller Changes etc.

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Day #5 - Revision 55

Alwas good to take a break when developing an indie game (gives you time to look at things with a different perspective).Now today I made some important changes to the game.


I added a savegame system to keep track of the player's progress and so far it works! Even stores your coin collections.^^Also new is the 'New Game' Option - Obviously this one will reset your progress.


And now... The first opportunity to spend your coins on has arrived: A respawn system. I figured that the game would become more challenging and interesting when it's up to the player to decide where to create respawn points.

Also these user created respawn points will be reset upon game exit/restart.The reason I introduce respawns as a shopping opportunity is quite simple. Stranded represents the 'not-so-easy' platformer, therefore you are given the choice to set your respawn points wisely or, in case you are up to it, you don't use respawns at all and therefore will have to start the whole level again upon death/game over.

What else has changed:

Take a look at the newest screenshots and you will notice that Level 02 is now twice as big as yesterday, well by now it's definitely finished and I will move on to the next stage but I felt like it needed to be even more challenging and by now it really is challenging!^^


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