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Finished Character Controller. Added Animations.Refined Camera system. Tweaked player abilities and rebuilt level 2.

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Day #4 -Revision 46

Good news today! Yep today was a good day for me as I managed to write a working character controller, finish my character animations, integrate my animations into my animation handler and so on!...Though I worked mainly on character animation I also refined Level 2, adjusted various player abilities (jump height, movement speed etc.) and I upgraded my camera system to allow for eased transitions between various points of interest.TODO:

  • Add some SFX
  • Finish Level 3 (Ecosystem Integration)
  • Add additional animations
  • Meditate on some difficult puzzles!^^

That's it for today, enjoy your weekend! (Just like me! xD)PS: Almost forgot to mention this! Tested rev 46 on Win7 and Linux, both working stable and as expected. Can't test the Mac build as I don't have access to any mac machines.

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