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Character Animation and Character Controller... You think you know how to do it and everything ends up in a big mess!^^

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Day #3 - Revision 34

Today I will share some good and bad news. Consider the good news to be 1/3 and the rest is the bad stuff!^^The good news is that I spend the whole day rigging and animating our hero character. The result is a finished rig as well as working idle,walk and jump cycles!The bad news is, I spend the afternoon integrating the rig and the animations into the game, while the idle animation is working by now everything else ended up in a mess. Take a look at the Day #3 screenshots and you will get the picture!TODO:

  • Clean up the animation component
  • Create a character controller script
  • Eventually integrate cInput (in case I find some spare time)
  • Create the next level

That's it for today, sorry to disappoint you but it has been a long day and well I didn't get as far as I would have liked. (you know what I mean)Cheers!

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