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Advanced Shaders - Initial Character Animation - Level 1 completed - Event System finished ...

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Day #2 - Revision 26

Where to start?... Shaders, cause I hate shader coding!^^
Well in short we now have advanced SM 3.0 features and of course fall back functions for graphic cards without Shader Model 3.0 support!Next, I spend almost the whole day rigging and keyframing our little hero, turns out this is everything but easy! Nevertheless I learned that my character lacks definition in critical areas like his arms and legs, animating the head and his belly won't be a problem!^^Oh, almost forgot, besides having finished the first challenging stage I also introduced an independent event system which is extremly useful as it monitors everything happening ingame, oh and yes it won't be destroyed on level load/reload or app quit, basically this provides the base for savegames etc.Additional stuff: Corrected some serious physics errors, added riggedbody platforms with triggers, removed unused assets during runtime and lot's of minor coding fixes.^^TODO:

  • Give the character more definition, rerig and reanimate it! (... Bye bye weekend!)
  • Get the GUI done
  • Finish the first Shop version (something for you to spend your coins on!)
  • Introduce the Eco-System to the game (yes it's already there but I need some ideas to introduce it in a well structured story mode^^)

That's it for today!

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