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An update is available to Dawnstar, fixing several various bugs.

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1.04 Update Notes
- Stopped a bug that caused some players to lose their equipment on starting a new game.
- Fixed a bug that prevented some players from advancing past a Fixer mission.
- Found a bug where new players may start with 0 volume.

- Items no longer reroll their item level on reload.
- Items are no longer slightly nerfed when reloaded.
- Unique items now generate their name and stats properly.
- Unique items now set up properly.

- The Joystick Use button now toggles properly.
- Audio sliders have been tweaked to be a little more accurate.
- The auto-save function now happens more often.
- The game now pauses when escape is pressed.
- Keybinds menu can now be used in-game.
- Keybinds menu is now easier to read.

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