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A surreal platformer about a stroll through the forest.

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Dawning is a surreal platformer about a stroll through the forest. Originally intended for the October Challenge of 2012, no final release was made, and Dawning was expanded upon in the following months.


Enjoy Dawning and many other great games on Desura.


Well, haha! Quiet good idea. I see there a reinterpretation of Limbo and Slender. But you really should get rid of those cheap "shocking" tricks with the flickering screen. Also the scenery lacks a bit of atmosphere: The sounds are okay but the graphics are too flat. Add some more colours - look at the old 8 bit games. Also you need to tell some story. The player has no relation to this white thing while wandering around houses and caves.

Good idea, but you've got a lot more work to do!

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Thanks for your feedback. The jump scares were inspired by things like Marble Hornets. Slender was not a direct influence on this game, as neither of us have played it. The art and lack of explicit storyline are intentional.

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