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MISC updates on Dave-Man including screenshots, gifs, and videos.

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Logo 640x360 transparent backgro


New logo above that I just made! This update is a bit random since I haven't updated in so long here on Indie DB, so here is a bunch of screenshots, gifs, and videos of the progress with quick little comments so I don't make this too text heavy!

Dave Man NPCsx3

NPCs of Kickstarter Backers in color. I find it much easier to draw in color first, plus I now have the color and 1 bit versions this way.

2019 09 29 01 export

A little robot dog. Seems random but was a Kickstarter backer suggestion and Dave can deploy the dog to distract Chatty Cathy for a few seconds.

level with three kates

Above is a still screenshot of a level. Not really new content but needed to get some good screenshots of gameplay for the Steam page.

And similarly, here is a video of a level play through, if you are new to seeing this game:

2019 10 01 01

Above: gif of Dave putting together a home made ukulele.

Below: a still of the mess. I hope anyone that puts any DIY stuff together at home, like furniture with so many parts, can relate


2019 11 04 01

Dave can get a gold fish. It comes in a bag and you can either buy a bowl or a tank.

2019 11 06 01

Above is a silly level I made after getting bored of making several regular ones in a row. TBD if will actually use this one!

Hopefully the next update won't be as long and feel free to ask me any questions about the game!

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