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After a long time of no updates, I have lots to show!

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It's been a pretty long time since I have been able to actually sit down and make an article explaining and showing the progress for this idea of mine. I've, since the last article update, changed the name of the game to fit more closely to the concept of the game. Hopefully Forbidden Colonies fits more to the game than Pixel Colonies/Colonies. Anyways since the last article update I have finished quite a bit. I actively worked on saving and loading world data to get on top of that before I decided to add more information and different node types into the world. So now that is finished I can easily add different nodes into the algorithm with no trouble. It's a pretty simple code that has a set integer for width and height and sets each NodeType to a set integer and does pretty much the exact opposite for loading the Grid.

world loading

It didn't take very long for me to finish the process and statements to finish the world generation to "almost perfection." But after that I had to dig into much more "difficult" processes and actions such as Combat with NPC AI and coding the A* Path finding algorithm. The algorithm is complete and works but I have run into a memory problem which is fixable, just not convenient at this time of progress. I still need to implement player/party creation and trading, and much more content. Sometimes I think I may be too ambitious for this project but I know that's just my mind trying to get me to doubt myself ;)


I've also been working nonstop on the combat to make it more appeasing and have it actually work. So far the player is able to kill the enemy NPC's and is also able to be killed themselves. Attacking an NPC tribe will allow the player to gather food and resources. Allowing for upgrading of the base and the civilians to be fed. So far, each game tick will bring down the players food based on the amount of civilians the player base has. If the civilians run out and you have no one at your base/tribe, then you will lose the game, hence that being the whole point of the game.

Combat w/ Particles!

There is still a long way to go with Forbidden Colonies, but I think that I am making some really good progress with the game and the idea. Alpha isn't too far away, I just need to implement a few more functions such as player and party equipment, trading, and farming and I will be releasing a demo or pre alpha version that is playable. I appreciate any feedback!

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