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The full backstory of Darkness of Insanity. This contains no spoilers, just in case anyone wasn't sure.

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Not only a week ago did a brutal murder occur at the mental hospital.
Police at first had suspected one of the patients had done it, but
further investigation revealed all of the patients that were originally
at the hospital are missing. Your job is to investigate the scene for clues that the police had missed. As you are searching, you see a book that is out of place, and put it back where it belongs. Just after you do, a secret door opens, and you slowly walk down into the secret room. The secret room is an archive of all the patients. On the files, you notice a small 'X' next to each of the patients names. The you realize something terrifying. The patients aren't missing; their doctors killed them. After realizing this, only one thought fills your mind. "Get out," is all you can think.

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