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Newest Version of Darkness Exhumed with many new features.

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Darkness Exhumed 0.037!


Zombies! (Finally) - The red people are the zombies,
Attack System (push Q or R to attack - will later hold different weapons in different slots)
Revamped the game so it is less laggy! - I went through the whole project and rewrote it for ease of use and to make it less laggy!
Removed Day/Night Cycle - Until I figure out a way of having a day/night cycle that does not devour 20 frames I have removed it.
Health, Stamina and Hunger bars have been re-added!
A new menu has been added!
Removed right click menu on in game objects, things in your inventory still have it but items in the world do not.

- Once again I've probably missed a bunch of changes but pffffffft

Please report any bugs to me via any methods of communication!

And make sure to have a very happy Christmas!


Darkness Exhumed 0.037
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