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Bug fixes and ladders, 0.036 is mostly just a fix for 0.035 but it should allow people to play around longer without having to cut down thousands of trees.

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Darkness Exhumed 0.036!


Re-added ladders (Under the second build category, right click to use them. You must be standing on it or next to it for it to work).

Added a crashlog - This will create a new one everytime you run the game and log any errors. So you can tell me and I can fix it yay!

Sort of fixed doors - removed the opening via right click, put a pressure pad next to it for it to work.

Added a mouse hover to every buildable item, so you can find out what it is.

Reduced the density of the forest to an older value. Should be nicer to explore now.

Download soon, probably the same time as this post, or go to here:

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