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Very proud to announce the first release of the game!

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Hi to all, and welcome to this new project of mine!!!

Two years after the "Alone in the Dark" game in RPGMaker VX Ace (which you can also download if you like in this page) I've finally taken a step forward and decided to experiment with MV, which I have to say, has provided me with several utilities that I liked very much, such as the plugin system, textures, the several platforms support, etc.

As you see this game is going to be a Remake of the first game I ever made in RPGMaker, "Darkest Dreams". I have a lot of special memories and love for this one, as it really was well received, and I thought it needed a new start and greater development. I've been working for quite a while with the MV application and I've finally finished dominating it.

What can you expect from this new horror adventure? More or less the same plot as the original, but with an improved storytelling, new features that did not appear in the original, a much more experienced mapping core and event handling, along with other enhancements built from personal experience in game creation. I've also taken in account the things people who played it suggested that needed some improvements, and you will also see new stuff in this matter.

I am very happy with the final package, and I have tested it myself thoroughly with other friends, so the first release should be a very stable one, and is now available.

Of course, nothing is 100% free-bug from the beginning, so if anyone who plays does discover something strange feel free and welcome to tell me, along with your sincere opinion about the game itself, which I would really really appreciate (reviews, playthroughs... are always welcome :) ). I hope you really enjoy.

See you around!! ;)

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