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Post news RSS Dark Star Progress 8/16/20: They're upset!

Some additions and changes to the new enemy type and a bit more!

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Implemented Scaffold tiling and light masking
Implemented sound effects for the Sprinter enemy
Implemented basic enemy spawners
Added jumping and landing animations, sounds, and behavior for the sprinter enemy
Added guide bars atop ladders
Sprinters are now faster
Fixed arm animations for ladders
Fixed enemies blocking movement of entities in the same faction
Fixed enemies being able to damage entities in the same faction
Fixed enemies being unable to block player movement in some cases, and not allowing it in others

Dev notes:

Finding some audio to work with has been difficult for these enemies except for the footsteps. I had to modify the sounds for the creature noises and I spent a lot of time playing with the attack sounds but I finally settled on something I'm okay with (for now).

The Sprinters are a bit faster as well since I want them to be able to close distance fast when the player isn't sprinting. Normally you can also just walk away from these enemies because there's a delay in their attacks, but getting pushed against a wall or flanked by these guys is a serious problem and they'll slowly chip away at your breathing room.

Implementing the spawner as seen in the opening gif was a bit of a headache. I tried to get a nice masking effect going on to make them really come out of the hole in the wall but there's some issues with how the filter works which I need to experiment with more. I'll get it working, but I'm happy with what's available (again, for now).

The ladder grab rails are a small feature that doesn't add much but I feel like I should mention it because I actually liked how I went about making them. The front rails mask while the back rails don't while still being a higher layer than the player. This lends to the effect of depth and I'm really happy with how they turned out.

Future Plans:

I'm going to be further fleshing out the spawners making some different types, working to further implement conditional collision for mobs so that players can't get into certain spots which might break immersion (even though enemies can move through freely), and setting up the beginnings of an objective based gamemode (think of a cross between Padyay and Left For Dead) where players will have to survive while completing objectives locked behind puzzles, enemies, or both! That would effectively allow me to start testing the game on BYOND in an Alpha status and would be the first big step towards release!

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