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A diary about the current progress with my story Dark case

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I am currently working on the research facility and the rooms that belongs to it (check out my latest images).
The story line is, in my opinion, turning out pretty good. Some parts will probably be a bit obvious, but the story will have quite alot of unexpected turns and surprises. Not to mention the story will have several voice acting scenes. Actually more than I expected from the beginning and all of them done and ready to be used!

I also decided to add a new NPC. The NPC will not attack the player like a regular monster, although, her intenstions and who she is will remain unknown to start with. But she might actually be able to help you if you can handle her wierd behaviour right.

You probably wonder how much I have left to do? Well, at least two huge maps and a few smaller maps left, so it will still take some time. But the long time it takes will hopefully be worth it. I can assure you I am doing my best to make this story into a fun/intresting experience

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