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Post news RSS Dalkrin - patch 1.4

Dalkrin's latest patch, with changes to various units.

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new unit

dead queen's guard - the pale maiden's personal servants and bodyguards are rotting women possessed by a leech-like magical parasite within their hearts. The parasite empowers its host with its foul dark magic, granting them strength and durability far beyond what their human bodies would normally be capable of. Their dread scythes raise their kills back as soulless.

new hero

mourning rot the somber - an undead treant with the bodies of Dalkrin's three princesses hung from its branches. It shambles about, miserable and in agony as it weaves its powerful death magic.


re-did stitched horror sprite so its no longer silly. I think I'm finally satisfied with the design.

re-sized blight witch sprite so she isn't gigantic.

Krankhafte's sprite is also now no longer a giant for no reason.

Pale Maiden sprite heavily tweaked. Now also no longer a giant.

Pale Maiden's stats altered slightly

all poison res values of 100 changed to 25

all undead units given cold res of at least 10

necromancer sprite redone completely

atrophy mage sprite is now a resized version of the necromancer's old sprite

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