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Our game is in its final state, the demo is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and we're running a deep sale to celebrate :D

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Muffed has been in development for 2.5 years and we're finally in the endgame :D With the release of v1.51 yesterday, the game is in its final state and will soon be coming to Xbox as well. We've made massive improvements to artwork, input handling, and performance game-wide! To celebrate we're running a deep sale this week!


demo capsule1024x768

Check out the Demo!

The Demo is now available here on IndieDB, you can download it by clicking the buttons below or going to the Files section! Make sure you choose the right download for your OS, as we support Windows, Mac, and Linux now.

  • Muffed is a local multiplayer game at heart, we recommend playing with friends! The PvP Battle Modes support 2-16 players, the Co-Op Campaign and Survival Modes support 1-4.
  • Muffed is best experienced with controllers, most have native support.
  • This demo was designed to be shared, please pass it on!

Cymatically Muffed Demo_Windows

Cymatically Muffed Demo_MAC

Cymatically Muffed Demo_LINUX

Patch Notes v1.51




  • Massive performance updates
  • Updated Escape Prevention Boss Battle and Military Mech behavior


  • Added Military Mech Boss Battle to the Demo
  • Updated OST artwork NOTE: (The OST is available for FREE)

ost cover 1

  • Cached Map Preview images to reduce initial load time
  • Updated gameplay cursor for keyboard/mouse input


  • Updated Themes auto-enable timeframes to ~2 weeks each, the Demo does not have auto-enabled theming (Themes can be enabled in the Theme Menu)
  • Re-enabled Socialize Menu Option and removed the top-level Leave a Review Option
  • Updates to Dr. Wolfe's house in the Small Shops Campaign Map


  • Minor updates to various collision polygons
  • Updated Menu Backgrounds
  • Updated Terminal Image

terminal en

  • Updated Throwing mechanics


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Crossbow Bolts sticking in doorways


  • Fixed Rocket Launcher and Cat Cannon rendering glitch



Feel free to reach out with questions and/or feedback!

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- Kelsam

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