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Hello IndieDB! Here is our latest blogpost from our website on our upcoming PC release of Cygnus Racing League!

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Greetings Cygnus Community!

We hope you are all well during the hectic times of the holidays! Development on the PC version of the Cygnus Racing League has been a monumental task to undertake! We will have a fully playable PC version or our mobile release in just a development time of under 6 months! In this blogpost I will walk you through our latest developments, newest features, and what the future holds for Cygnus Studios!

We have an expected release of the PC version of the CRL to come in early January! This will include our original gamemode of the Galactic Grand Championship, and a new custom gamemode! In the new custom gamemode, players will be able to set up their own races with customizable options on AI Bot counts, weapons, powerups, special events, and other features. This will also allow players to host their own servers, to play against their friends, or enemies, bringing multiplayer to the Cygnus Universe!

New gamemodes are not the only new gameplay feature coming, we are also including a new rival system, prestige system, and new in-game abilities that will make the racing on track even more furious! We have more details coming soon about these new features!

New and exciting gameplay was a big aim for us to pursue, but with it also arrives massive graphical, UI, and infrastructure overhaul. Gone are the days of classic arcade graphics, and in are days of 4K image textures, advanced lighting, and an overhaul to our environments and ships! We can’t wait for pilots to fly through the fog covered jungle of Mophium, through the incredible mining operation that is occurring in the Hablarious asteroid field, and the mirage of dynasties caught in a time anomaly on Dynass! The visual changes don’t just end on the track either, the new UI system acts as a terminal to the league offering cleaner and easier to navigate screens. These visual additions, paired with all of the work Zachary and Morris have been doing on the back end has created a game we are very proud of and can’t wait for our community to see!

We are so thankful for the dedication of our community! As always without your support, none of this would be possible. Crafting the best possible games for you all is what drives us to keep going. Your feedback over the last 18 months has helped shape our development, and will continue to shape it in the future. As always, we want to hear from you! Please feel free to reach out to us on social media, IndieDB, or through our email at ataub@cygnusgamestudio.com with more suggestions. It has always been our mission to develop games that our community wants to play, and will continue to be our aim for a long time to come! We have more news on the way soon, so please stay tuned!

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