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The Deep Web Game is not yet complete, but! The gameplay is released a bit, and looking smooth.

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Hi there,

Cyber Stalk has had some changes already, such as the SAQ wiki, and some stuff. In the video is just 2 websites completed, I'm attempting to make more and having some the most gruesome they can be. There will nit be full nudity in the game though for all cases. Another thing added, hopefully in the game has some websites that just will trick people. I'm ready to confirm some things just for its purpose. The game may be released in some playable formats. It cannot be played in lower screen formats. 800x600 I think is an example. It screws up the UI system in Unity. In other news, the game has some things completed, the first MeetBook call in that! It goes smooth, and runs completely well!

I am looking for beta testers as well, for cases point. So, either way! The game is running smooth! I just wanted to say thank you all so far for a awesome dev time!


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