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Good day/ afternoon/ night, reader! My name is Rodrigo Salvay and I am part of the development team of Southern Pixels.

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Today we are working on a project called Reinforcements, maybe you have probably heard something about it.
Although it is a bit complicated to explain my experience in the project, I will start explaining
a little about my specialities:

basically, my mayor quality is undoubtedly Game System Design. I have dedicated for
many years to the design of systems and settings of Role board games and some systems
for other games, mainly RPG. Another of my qualities is writing scripts and argumentative
lines, in fact I have already written some novels in the past, but that is not important right

When we first initiated the project of Reinforcements a warm afternoon in a lonely bakery
together with SebastiƔn DiƩguez, we had a very clear idea of what we wanted to do so we
focused on how we wanted to do it.

From that moment, we were already pleased with the idea of recreating a RPG having as
pattern and inspiration the classic RPG 8 Bits, including some systems more complex,
graphics in accordance with our age and with a deep story without loosing the line of a
thoughtful RPG, just like those former games that despite of their graphics they managed
to travel our souls to those worlds and make us feel heroes! Another thing that we deeply
valued is the opportunity to play with friends since a hero must never be alone! That was
another KEY factor in the birth of our project.

The adventure of learning started at the mention of the word Voxel. We should learn
about this technology, manage to deal with it and personally, it was a very fun path. I
was accustomed to develop 2D graphics for practically all my life and to pass through
this technology was a huge step but with a very familiar atmosphere. One of the biggest
challenges that came up to me was to achieve expressions and details in the characters as
well as their equipment having the pixels limitation, or voxels in this case. This challenge
was practically a puzzle to solve, but a very entertaining one I have to admit.

Another tool we have to learn to manage was Blender, an 3D object editor. Personally, that
was a whole new world to me and I almost get lost in it, but thanks to the support of the
whole amazing team we could solve this difficulty. The development of the story was very
intuitive and only with what we decided in the first reunions we could say that the story took
live alone but without a physical presence. And that is the adventure we are living today, to
give to this world, to this born characters a physical world that all of you can enjoy!

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