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Enjoy the second round of the dungeon tour, in the dark world of Cursed Run Awakening! Roam through the Corridors, Rooms, Sewers & Stairs, and grab/kill/maul everything in you path!

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I hope you have already enjoyed the demo ( in case you haven't...)
Play Demo. Again!

And the eerie atmosphere of the Cursed Art Gallery
(wouldn't you like to spend the night in here?)

So it's time for the next round of our Dungeon Tour, where you have to escape through


Rooms with a view (of despair and agony)

Sewers (filthy, bloody sewers)

and Stairs

If you caught a glimpse of some crystals or orbs, collect them and give them to the warlock.
He will help you raise your skills, remember your past, redeem your lost soul, and escape this hellhole
to act revenge on those you cursed you.
Oops, still revealed too much. Anyway, you'll meet him as the game progresses. He is a really nice guy...probably.

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