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Current status. from 16 october 2012. The summary field must be at least 50 characters in length so i can tell you that the weather is cold here and i will have a new coffee soon and later something to eat...

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16 OCT 2012:

Current statusupdate:

Fully coded in:

- Melee Attack
- Colt M1911
- Mauser KAR 98k
- MP40
- M1 Garand
- Thompson M1928 A1
- STG44 *
- BAR *
- Walther P38

- Sten MKII
- MG 42
- Mauser KAR98k Scoped
- Frag Grenades
- Smoke Grenades **

* = Model is not done
** = only avaiable for special classes

Engine Stuff:
- Custommenu (done)
- Custom map browser (has its own folder)
- External pcx textures for MDLS and maps (might blow your Fat PSP...)
- HLBSP palette fix (work but might still crash the game...)

Not Done:
- Throwing Grenades (Missing Animations and models)
- STG44 (Needs a complete new final model)*
- Wehrmacht Playermodel (coming soon)


- mp_castle (Abandoned german castlecomplex) (90% done)
- mp_coldfear (snowy small village (50% done)
- mp_berlin (bombed part of Berlin city) (60% done)
- mp_fortress (Nazibase in the woods) (75% done)
- mp_oasis (AfrikaKorps map) (90% done)
- mp_palace (AfrikaKorps map) (20% done)
- mp_letits (Stripclub in nazi occupied paris) (10% done)**
- mp_factory (german weapon factory complex) 80% done)

User and bonusmaps:

- mp_space (Mothership Haunebu) (0% done)
- mp_nuke (Nuketown remake) (80% done)
- mp_compact (Dreizes Compact in a new design) (95% done)
- mp_datbuilding (some map with 2 buildings from DatFritzy) (95% done)

NEEDS to be done:
- Finishing HUD
- Class selector
- Fixing reloading times
- Removing old unused stuff
- Testing many sessions on the Fat PSP
- V-Weapons (might not be in the first Release)

WILL NOT be in the game:
- modern weapons... this is a WW2 ONLY game
- Singleplayer
- Zombies (play NZP if u want zombies)
- Ironsights (the game and the weapons were NOT designed for that)

* needs to be done from scratch thanks to someone... You cant count on some ppl these days...

** contains nudity, just an info for the prude ppl.. you might explode when you see the titis xD

Official public discussionforum is here on nzpmaps:



awesome! I can't wait!

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very well done mod doctor mabuse, you are one of the reasons i believe in psp modding

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Badass Fist O_O

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dr_mabuse1981 Author

i just updated the weaponlist, MG42 and Scoped KAR98 are new :D

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