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Details on whats been done, whats to do, and other such developing related stuff.

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Well since there's a lot of parts to this, I'll break it down into groups of whats down.


Currently there are 5 maps made, none are done yet, however the space station maps are the closest to completion. Maps may also have alternate versions depending on events in the game. I'll begin working on them when the base maps are completed.

Solista Defense Station - 80% completed, 1 version

Terra Nothern District - 60% completed, 1 version

Terra Southern District - 40% completed, 1 version

Luna Vista Colony - 20% completed, 1 version

Serra Research Station - 75% completed, 1 version

Weapons and Items

Utility Wrench - HUD/Pick-up
Concussion Pistol - HUD/Icon/Pick-up
Blaster Cannon - HUD/Icon/Pick-up

Supplement Drink - Pick-up
Small Medical Pack - Pick-up
Concussion Rounds(20 shots) - Icon/Pick-up
Blaster Rounds(10 shots) - Icon/Pick-up


Security Droid - Flies, laser cannon, taser, explodes
Green - Weak, low credit and exp gain
Blue - Average, drops ammo
Red - Captain, higher credit and exp gain

Beetle - Bites, scurries
Blue - Small, bites
Green - Bigger, stronger, can chomp hard
Red - Even bigger, chomps, spits acid
Gray - Largest, jumps, chomps and spits acid





The HUD display is rough at best and needs some touchups, realignments and the display of pickups. Also I need to design some additional weapons and item pickups. I will be removing the jetpack feature though. A tricky part is figuring how I'll do NPC interactions and dialog displays. I don't plan on using the notifications feature for dialog and instead possibly have a overhead display of text over NPCs or something, maybe even a dialog box.

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