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I will update the change-logs, every 0.01 version of this mod. I also intend to get to the Pre-Alpha stage by v0.5. So here goes the change-logs:-

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Here are the current change-logs, be prepared, it is gonna get boring:-

v0.03 (Southern Ireland Expansion)

-created 3 new states in Southern Ireland, called: Tuadhmhumhain, Deas-Mhumhain and Laighin.
-Added the following nations: Republic of Desmond, Republic of Leinster and Republic of Thormond.
-Added their flags, taken from EUIV.
-Added their leaders, only for one Ideology, at the moment.

v0.06 (Central Ireland Expansion)

-Created another 3 states, this time in Central Ireland, called: Dublin, Cill Dara and Connacht.
-Added the following nations: England(in Dublin), Kildare, Clanricarde
-Added their flags and leaders.

v0.07 (Brittany Expansion)

-Created the 4 new states of: Finistere, Morbihan, Armor and Nantes. All under the control of Brittany.
-Created the Nation of Brittany.
-Added its flag and leader.

v0.08 (English Enclaves Expansion)

-Created the new states of Gibraltar and Calais, both under England's control.

v0.09 (Netherlands Expansion I)

-Created the 5 new states of: Amsterdam, Zeeland, Utrecht, Gelre and Friesland.
-Created the 4 new nations of: Republic of Holland, Bishopric of Utrecht, Republic of Gelre and Republic of Friesland.
-Added their respective flags and leaders.

v0.10 (Navarre and Gacogny Expansion)

-Created 3 states: Gascogny (English, French core), Labourd (same as before it) and Navarre.
-Created the Basque nation of Navarra, which controls Navarre.
-Added its flag and leader.

Next update, I'll add Tuscany and Corsica, but the leader portraits will take time, because there just weren't many good ones back then, I intend to add ones from certain TV shows that I know of...if anyone knows please do tell me.
So, only 4 more of these 'til Pre-Alpha....lets hope I manage to maintain my sanity 'til then.

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