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Alright, so currently the combat system in Devin's Quest is quite bland and only consists of a generic gun, and cats that will insta-kill the robot Eriks. Taking some suggestions from the community, and the team, we've devised some idea's to make Devin's Quest combat unique, interesting, and overall, fun.

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There are 3 major combat elements that we plan to add in: explosive weapons, melee weapons, and multiple cat-variants that all do something different (i.e. One lets you get a higher jump, one explodes after x seconds, ect). We also want to add in different types of "classes", but only if we add in a multiplayer feature, which as fun as that would be, isn't a main priority for us. First we need to finish the actual story mode before we go into multiplayer and stuff. In the single player though we're working on either customizable characters, or just a simple character select option, where you chose who you'd like to play as before you start an area, and than you get their special abilities/weapons to use.
So far in terms of explosive weapons we have grenades, rocket launchers, chickens, bacon, throwing-ham, albino dolphins, AV batteries, and turtle's. We don't have any rough-drafts images for any of these yet, and these are just current idea's we brainstormed to try and spice things up. Right now Erik's working on moving Devin's Quest over to Unity, and I'm working on finishing up a second area in the GameMaker build so people on Greenlight have something to test out and play that doesn't last 5 minutes.

As for regular weapons, we have a shotgun, handgun, bubble-blower gun, screaching gun, guitar, sloth-gun, lazer gun (pew pew pew), a mellon cannon, shuriken gun, Power of Savings, a bow, an unholy feleit-o-fish, Sassafrass, and assault rifle. Some of these may seem ridiculous, but each is tailored specifically to specific characters. The shotgun/generic rifle and handgun are the default weapons on Devin, and you unlock other weapons as you unlock characters. The guitar acts as a melee and gun and can only be wielded by Noah and Mike. What it does is shoot sound waves at enemies when they are far away, and than if an enemy gets too close, it'll be swung at them, knocking them back and dealing a devastating blow.

The combat system will feature some character exclusive weapons, such as the previously mentioned guitar, and exploding thowable hams. Here's a list of all the currently planned characters and the weapons they will by default have.

Again, this is just something I quickly threw together. I can't guarantee that everything mentioned here will be added, although I also can't guarantee that everything here wont be added. Please comment below with any feedback/idea's on what I mentioned here. Also don't forget to vote for Devin's Quest on Steam Greenlight if you'd like to see more updates on the progress of the game.

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