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All current and planned features for WoW are listed below

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  • Detailed map of the entirety of the Warhammer fantasy franchise. (new world and the elves will be added in later in order to focus on a detailed old world)
  • All Warhammer races will be playable from the Druchii to the Humans of Cathay.
  • Rich and unique missions.
  • Ability to play in the Chaos Wastelands and potentially unite the forces of Chaos to conquer the entire world. (dark and unique events will be implemented)


  • Multiple playable timelines with a special end world scenario.
  • New unit and building models for every race.
  • Horde races such as the Beastmen and Skaven will be included, but the Cossacks DLC is recommended
  • Revamped technology and ideas.
  • Reworked HRE


  • Detailed map of the Old World and The Eastern Lands. (subject to change)


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