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In Crystallo, an adventure roll-a-ball game, you play as Orbart, a crystal ball escaping the very wizard that created him. The goal is to collect the keys at the end of each level to work your way to the castle's knights to snitch on the wizard, who plans to kidnap the king's daughter for ransom. Collect coins, break objects, and hidden candy to increase your score. Watch out for spike traps, portal traps, fake floors, lava, axes, and deceiving routes all created by the wizard.

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While Crystallo HD, along with its standard version, is still available on Steam, we are happy to announce that Crystallo HD is now available on the Microsoft store. Our little candy-loving, crystal has made his debut!

And in celebration of 4th of July and the birthday of one of our awesome developers, Crystallo is 50% the whole month until midnight August 1st! Speaking of August, on August 6th at 10:00 AM, Crystallo will also be 50% off on Steam as well.

Do you hate using the keyboard on certain PC games? So do a few of us! To players that prefer the controller, we recently added controller support to both platforms. We also added a lot of achievements waiting for you in both platforms!

We hope you enjoy, and thank you for reading!


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