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Crystal Core is looking for more talent to join its ranks. After the first trailer for DT:C was released, we decided it was time to increase the teams size, and continue to push content internally.

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Currently, Crystal Core is looking for the following people:

C++ Programmer
As Programmer on the team, you will be working within the Unreal Engine, adding in new functionality (gameplay, interface, features, etc.) and helping within the general code development of the title.

Level Designer/Mapper
As Level Designer/Mapper, you will be working with our exsisting prototype map, continuing in its development, following plans and concept art. Any environment modeling skills is a huge bonus. You need to know the Unreal Editor really well (volumes, particles, kismet, matinee, etc.)

Media/Video/Content Manager
You will need experience in Video Editing, and design. Using programs like After Effects, Premiere, and so on to produce future trailer/developer videos for the project.

Character Artist
You will be working on/with concept art and descriptions of each character, they will then need to be modeled, textured and rigged. Animation experience isn't required, but is a huge bonus.

Weapon Artist
While you'll be focusing on modeling and texturing weapons, you should have a good understanding of general modeling/texturing skills. You may work on other inorganic objects as well.

If your interested in joining, or think you have something else to offer. Please contact us here:

Any questions, applications, resumes, references to others, or any position related email should be sent there, any other issues/comments/enquiries should be send to

Thank you for your time, we hope to hear from you soon!

KerenskyTheRed - - 124 comments

Good luck you guys. I hope you get all the help you need. I'd sure join you if I knew how to do any of that.

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