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MOBA shooter with gameplay like DOTA. Only ranged attack (no melee heroes). You can destroy enemy bullets.

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MOBA shooter with gameplay like DOTA.
View from the first and third person.
Only ranged attack( no melee heroes ).
Headshot increases the damage.
Homing bullets.
Shoot down enemy bullets.
The presence of jumps and teleporters.
Neutral monsters with advanced intelligence.
Rune random abilities.
Acceleration and flight ( It requires energy ).

Leveling properties and modifiers attacks:
Properties: health, attack, attack speed, health regeneration and energy consumption.
Modifiers of attack: restoration of health from the damage, critical damage, splash damage, micro stunning.

Currently 5 ultimate abilities:
Stun Shot: damage and stun for one (two) enemy units.
Stun Bomb: damage and stunning enemy units in radius ( more enemy units - greater damage).
Laser Shot: damage all enemy units in its path.
Vacuum Bomb: sucks in enemy units and dealing periodic damage.
When collision with wall - stunning.
Teleport Shot: greater height of the fall after a teleport - greater damage. All enemies in radius
get damage and launched into the air.

Fall from neutral monsters:
random skill, double damage, increased attack speed, health regeneration, gold.

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