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New caves and a statue of Grool, your blood will soon pool.

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Fairly small update today, just wanted to show off some of the shapes I've been making for the rooms/chunks that we're stitching together to make up the dungeons within Crimson Keep. If you take a look at the video you can see the variety that just 20 different rooms or so can create, and I'm leaning towards 50 per unique rooms in each floor of the dungeon. Though some floors might be similar, like The Grotto, which I plan on being a watery version of the caves full of plant life and plant enemies / regular enemies covered in plant material. I could potentially use the same meshes for each room and then just fill them with different props.

After I get a little more variety with dead ends, entry rooms, and exit rooms, I'm going to start placing monsters everywhere and figure out what a good number of enemies is to keep a fun pace. Without enemies, I'll be honest, the dungeon isn't too fun to explore, and not having corpses left on the ground to see where you've been (corpse breadcrumbs) makes it even harder to navigate. I think once these caves are full of enemies, props, and things to interact with it will be quite engaging. Ben, the programmer, is currently working on overhauling the character controller as well to make it a little more smooth and fun to move around in the game.

I'd like the controller to feel something like Quake 1 or Hexen 2 when it's done, but I'd love to here your thoughts on what games had the best (or most fun) controls, in a first person context.

I've also been working on more environmental props as always, so here's a statue, or shrine to the god Grool, who has already shown up in the names of some of the Berserker's Abilities. I'm still trying to figure out how I want deities in Crimson Keep to work, I'm thinking somewhere between a Diablo 1 shrine, a Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup religion, and a Dark Souls covenant.


Also, here's a rock, because let's be honest. You can never have enough rocks.


Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more Crimson Keep updates. As always, feel free to offer questions or criticism in the comments below.


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