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The Age of Exploration Begins! This update adds much needed content and fixes. Going forward (1.0.5+), we will be rapid releasing updates now that 1.0.4 is out of the way.

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The Age of Exploration Begins!
This update adds much needed content and fixes. Going forward (1.0.5+), we will be rapid releasing updates now that 1.0.4 is out of the way.


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GIF ch engineer 104

• Engineer crafting table now available (Create naval ship, airship, upgrade ship, etc.)

GIF ch navalship 104 2

• You can create a naval ship from the engineer crafting table (Go to any dock in the “ground overworld map” to activate the naval ship).
• You can create an airship from the engineer crafting table.(Transforms into airship from the ocean after your in naval ship mode)
• You can fly up to the Sky Overworld map once you transform into an airship now

ch sailcrests1GIF

• You can customize your ships sail from the engineer crafting table. (Changes for both naval and airship)

GIF CH poison1

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ch mesa beta 1 0 4 1024x588

• New maps/continents (Desert, Jungle, Mesa, Volcanic)
• New enemy AI types and new enemies (Part 2)


GIF ch enemytypes 2

The Desert enemies are now complete.
The Jungle enemies are 50% complete.
The Volcanic enemies are now 25% complete.
The mesa, volcanic, and jungle will have plenty more enemies placed in the next update or two.
Along with the new enemies, comes new enemy types. The new enemy types can fire off 2-3 attacks if need be, and can fire elemental projectiles, and/or arrows . Additionally the enemy attacks will now random roll if the enemy attack pool max is set above 1. Lastly the damage random rolls as well (Min to maximum attack range for every damage type)!

ch 104 sabertoothlyger

Saber-tooth Lyger has been chosen for the Druid’s official starter Party Unit, (will be replacing the default wolf)

ezgif com resize3

Tents and Camps system reworked (Tent allows you to sleep anywhere there is not an enemy), (Camps regen combined with tent regen allows the player to fully regenerate quite fast now)


• Combat system update #3 for enemies and party units
• Many map collision fixes
• Custom cursor added in game
• Combat system rework #3
• Tents now cost 500 Gold
• Command Scrolls now cost 200 gold for 5
• Experience gain is a bit more spaced out after level 10
• Crystal added to mining holes so the player can craft engineering items
• Dark Knight intro difficulty has been lowered by adding treasure chests that should help ease things a bit
• Dark Knight Lore props added in the (Dark Knight Castle 2)
• Added death animations for enemies that didn’t have one
• Adjustments to player movement speed at very high levels
• After fighting an overworld encounter, when transitioning back to the overworld map, your speed is now properly set
• Some previously existing maps are now larger (Part 2)
• Fix for Ninja smoke bombs not stopping enemies
• Fix for Ninja gas bomb damage system
• Fix for Ninja Throwing knives not doing any damage and missing some animations
• 7 new enemies added + magical enemy types


Seems odd that the ocean map as shown in this update has no horizon emulation (e.g. terrain and objects don't 'curve' out of view). Right now, it just looks like everything past the horizon disappears in a very unnatural way. (Or, in technical terms, it's obvious anything off the water map's top border is not being drawn anymore.)

Just from observing games which do have horizon emulation, such as Mickey Mania (see Youtube.com and Youtube.com ), I have a few suggestions:

* Put the ocean map on a custom bit of geometry which bends at the end. With proper UV mapping and some padding of the actual ocean map to account for the very edges of it, the horizon emulation would happen naturally.
* Use a shader to progressively 'roll' the map as it gets closer and closer to the top (obviously starting at a point near the visible edge of the map).

Hope this helps!

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ShadowinkDesigns Author

Yes we hear ya there, and we have plans to improve the scrolling effect when in the overworld. Problem is this is not easy to implement unless we uproot the entire overworld map, not sure we have time for that, so another approach is needed. We are looking into how to solve this issue asap.

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