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Historical mod, which narrates about events of 13th century, which was unfolding in the Baltic and nearby lands.

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Authors of the mod thanks:
- for some of kuauiks textures and models
- for iggorbb OSP
- for Rath0s by 11th_13th_century_armour
- for Brytenwalda's team and Viking Conquest's team for sources
- author of some models from Go to us (Иду На Вы) (probably Fagot)
- Faradon, for OSP Faradon's Smithy
- Dejawolf, for OSP Medieval Helmet Pack and OSP Viking Model Pack
- Yellowmosquito, for Banner and Flag Standardization Pack
- Yamabusi, for [Item] Battlefield Priests for Calradia
- ntb_15 for map icons
- Siegbert_von_Meklenburg and In Vain for German voice acting
- Team of Crusaders Way to Expiation for OSP Pack and other support
- first old team of Rus XIII Century
- Lav for open-source Civilians Mod
- Iboltax for OSP Face Improvement Project

Special thanks to Kovas for models

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