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Here is a list of OSP I`ve used in my mod. Thank you all for the good job!

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If i forgot to credit somebody - let me know!
First of all, i want to say thank you, a great thank you for developers of this great game!
Rise of khergits DevTeam - for the many great models of khergit culture and some animations!
EG3 DevTeam - for the many helmet models and greatttttttt sounds!
Naruto DevTeam - great thank for the a plenty of animations and music!
Спасибо команде мода РНЭ за отличный скрипт для сундуков!
Спасибо Hero_of_Calradia за инвазию и огромную помощь в развитии!
Kalarhan - a taleworlds forum legend who helped me a lot with mod. I can even say that he is a father of this mod!!!!
Hound Dog (Гончий Пёс) - great thank you for the help until all the developing time starting from simple advices and ending with your wanderful and atmospheric banners for all the kingdoms!!!!!
EmeilRegis - thank you for many help too!
Lumos - the help with developing some aspects and advices, of course!
Duh - for the OSP Fog of War and Sea Trade feature!
Sebastian - for great weather editor in mp from his mod BoE!
Motomataru - for formations!
La_Grandmaster - for OSP Shaders and some other stuff too!
Kraggrim - for many advises and help!
Hyper Charge - for many help with porting and implementing Project Age of Machinery and for OSP Generic Screen!
Highlander - for creating Age of Machinery!
Bcw]Btm_Earendil - for many valuable help!
NPC99 - for the help with map icons!
Somebody - for good advices!
Malik Faris - for the tutorial how to add a new companion!
Kentuky James - for such big and well-written guide how to add a new faction!
Arch3r - for the good tutorial about creating a new scene!
Totenkopf900 - for great tutorial on how to add a 2 mercenaries in one tavern!
Laszers - for the tutorial about how to recruit soldiers from the both towns and castles!
Nord Champion - for the tutorial on how to increase a basic number of troops in lords parties!
dstemmer - for the Quick Scene Chooser!
Cheezeninja - for a good lifehack on how to easy move all fiefs in Thorgrim Map Editor!
QWW - for the toturial on how to change prisoners prise!
HokieBT - for Bloody Screen!
Jinnai - customizing sparring matches between your company memebers!
Lazeras - for Kaos Political Kit and Bank System!
Efe Karacar - for better AI Codes!
Shcherbyna - for some help and OSP Helmet View!
Caba'drin - for town followers!
Tempered - for Camp Entrenchment!
Seek n Destroy - for Mercenaries Camps!
13exa - for ports in towns!
Cartread - for Deployable Pavise!
Ikaguia - for wagon system!
doomsayer - for the ironsight mode for both singlepalyer and multiplayer!
Gaunt - for script weapon break!
Ruthven - for sea battles!
Zephilinox - for the deathcam!
Lav - for the siege icon and companion overseer!
Rubik - for the troop ratio bar!
Dru Dru the Magniscisiscent - for the osp Secede from the kingdom!
Caba'drin - for the village raids and sieges!
Lumos - for the Outposts!
Caba'drin - for the Merchant Trade Lendger!
Hessuu - for the Recruiter OSP!
AndyYA - for the dice!
Rubik - for the world map view!
Zarthas - for the Camel Kit!
Ikaguia - for the open close helmet!
Idibil - for stamina system!
Zarthas - for the AI kick!
xenoargh - for his crossbows models and shield bash osp!
Kentuky James - for the musket squad form!
Lumos - for the beer drinking!
oolonglgx - for the blackjack!
AndryAy - for the three cards game!
domipopse - for the stamina system!
Efe Karacar - for the tauting!
MartinF - for the duels kit!
Nord Champion - for dfferent muskt sounds!
Somebody - for the unit upgrading academy!
jrider - frot the foraging skill!
Arch3r - for the bridge battles!
Vades - for the starting as a king feature!
Lav - for the new books!
Kentuky James - for the new musket smoke effects!
Lathrael - for the scrips that allows us to make our wife as companion!
Albertus Magnus - flipping coins with tavernkeepers!
Dunde - for the driven cart and flying dagger!
Wolfstar - for the open close helm!
CromCrom - for the chose]able sounds bards are playing!
Dunde - for the keys configuration!
Glabrezu - for the manhunter attack dialogue!
cab'drin - for the randomize banner fro the companion!
MadocComadrin - for the Clored factions chat!
Arch3r - terrain advantage!
Sonkidd - for the break weapon feature while blocking!
Taragoth - for the freelancer!
Dedal - for the tavern animation kit!
Gothic Knight - for the Dark Age OSP!
Harf - for the plenty of models of different kind!
Rohzdear - for the UI Retexture!
Flanged - for the dimemberment kit!
Mackie - fort he different good weapon models!
Lav - for the bow retexture!
Maroon - for the Native One Handed Crossbows!
VforVengetta - for the map retexture!
dejawolf - for the medieval helmets!
Sauron_mate - for the Black Knight Armor!
dejawolf - for the viking models pack!
thick1988 - for the great historical project!
ShauronRemo - for the great shaders and new helmets!
Lucas - for the weapon models!
Yoman Jenkins - for the catafract helmets!
WEe - for many helmets!
Life_Ericson - for great viking swords!
Lav - emoticons!
Sayd Uthman - for the models pack!
Arantir - for the taxes system!
Zaitenko - reinforcements script!
neil_v - blood tweak!
Naglfaar - join any side in the battle!
Topper - for the forse recruit script!
Egbert - for the battle time scripts
troycall - for the recoding to 1.171+ version of modsys

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