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Special thanks to all of the people/teams mentioned below.

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Thanks to Niko92 for allowing me to use the following from YAMDAM

  1. Everything in the common folder - Factions, governments, ideologies and etc.
  2. History folder - Countries (tho the majors have been almost redone), diplomacy(being redone), leaders, provinces & units(which i've made a script to modify every single OOB to BICE style).
  3. The interface - which i believe is vanilla not sure, so i might as well include it (i've redone the tech interface already).
  4. Localisation
  5. The map (which i've also modified)
  6. GFX

Thanks to the BlackICE team for allowing me to use the following from BlackICE

  1. AI Scripts - I've read you guys are just using TFH's scripts but i might as well ask to be sure. Since this is a modern day mod I'm not using any of the country-ai lua just the base scripts, ai diplomacy, ai production and etc. Even those I've spent significant amounts of time modifying.
  2. Some base units stats have been copied and slightly modified.
  3. Graphics - Mainly just the counters for units which i plan to modify because half of them aren't correct for modern units and the GFX for the production screen.
  4. The production interface - I hope to modify this so it isn't the same as yours in the future.
  5. The black Ice unit style - Basically the whole Idea of HQ's and transports.

And thanks to Modestus for allowing me to use his RE-textured map.

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