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A rundown of the folks who did the real work behind this mod.

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Starting with ijzzBloc, the creator of the original Civil Caladria.

-IYI-O-R-T- for his Steampunk OSPs
dariel for his Indo-persian armor
Bismark, RR_Raptor65, The Pope, James and Luigi for the Weapon pack
The Pope
Dindi, all for the helmet pack
Stainless Steel 6.0 mod builders
Ornumentum mod builders
and Maw for their Armor pack
and the makers of the Eagle and the Radiant Cross mod for the animations...Y'know, the sword swings you don't get in Native.

Well, that's that, I think. My apologies to anyone I can't remember. Any, hey! You wanna make it on this list! Screw around, make a sword, make a helmet! Make a faction, a texture, a map, a character! This mod needs you!

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