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Preparing for the arena battle. Provocator with modified weapons and the classic Sekutor with a modified shield.

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Secutor and provocator. Provocator was developed first, why? Because the first battle was based on character models from an RPG about an ancient world. There was a warrior with two stone axes. At the beginning, the battle was with his participation and a warrior in the skin of a bear. It is logical that the first gladiator was the one with two axes. But then it was decided that Greek axes were best suited for this. The Greeks called him Labrys, the Romans had a similar variant (taken from the TV series "Spartacus") - Bipennis. I wanted them to be more like axes, inflicting bloody cut wounds, rather than mainly chopping. In any case, the provocator in the classic version uses a shield - scutum and a sword - gladius. And a similar set for most gladiators - for the Secutor, for the Crupellarius, for the Murmillon, for the Samnite ... Based on this, the gameplay of each of them will be very similar. Thus, the provocateur received axes. Although I think to add a classic provocator.

The second was a gladiator with a shield - I could also choose the classic murmillion, but I could not decide on his helmet. Therefore, they took the Secutor - he has a simpler helmet and he looks like a classic representative - a dangerous gladiator. In addition, the plans were to create Retiarius, the classic opponent of the Secutor

To be continued...


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