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Some thoughts on the success and stragey of the discovery of Monochroma

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We are a studio from Istanbul, Turkey. Turkey is not a country with a game development culture. The only famous game made is "Mount & Blade" by Taleworlds. Turkey's inner demand for games our high but piracy is higher.In Turkey gamers are usually young males playing fps or moba games online. Not much people are interested with indie games.Whereas all against the turkish reality, we're making a game targeted to people that is seeking an intellectual satisfaction from games. Monochroma is trying to engage people emotionally and intellectually.Therefore we ended up seeking a fanbase elsewhere, but also realized how hard it is to find a fanbase unrelated to your social network. I think we made a great game after receiving very positive comments on Kickstarter and Greenlight. Our Greenlight campaign is doing literally amazing from start and its full of very flattering comments.But on Kickstarter we still couldn't make the leap, I understood that all we need is exposure as people playing the demo and learning about the game are fond of it.We opened a facebook group called Monochroma to 80000 on Kickstarter where you can find lots of info about the game and help us bringing more people in. I listed the things you can do to help us as:-Support Monochroma on Kickstarter: Kickstarter.com-Invite your friends to the group-Contact websites/news sites that make gaming news and make them cover Monochroma-Follow Monochroma on Facebook, Twitter and share the posts
@monochromagame-Talk to your friends about it when not online-Get involved, learn more about Monochroma and indie game development
Once you learn more about it, you'll find yourself closer to support it :)Take care all,Burak Tezateser

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