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We've completed our first trailer for missile control! Here's a little bit of info about our process.

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So our first experience with creating a game trailer is over! You can see the results below.
Man, it was a lot harder than I'd expected. Well it took a lot longer than I thought anyway. At least we now we're not going to be shifting into cinematography any time soon!
It was an interesting thing to make really, we had a basic idea that we wanted to just show. Just no idea how to do it. We decided try some simple game play with a bit of a theme and try not to overload the viewer. I don't know if we succeeded but it's all about learning process at the moment. I'd like to try more of a story based trailer but it would take up waaaay too much time given our current skill level with the toolset. Time is one thing we just don't have available at the moment.

We you enjoy it anyway, look out for Missile Control to be released in a week or so.

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