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A battling creatures game for Windows, Mac and Linux

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Hey guys! I've been working on this game for a week now and I think it's time to start posting my progress here on IndieDB too!

Creacorp is going to be a game totally inspired on the Pokémon franchise games for portables, well, I always wanted to make a Pokémon game remake (although I worked on one 10 years ago in 3dgs engine, time flies), but I decided to work on my own game now, and the game will also be inspired on similar games like Dragon Quest Monsters Joker and other games that I will not quote :D.The game will have lots of things similar to Pokémon BUT it will also have lots of things different too (it will not be a ripoff, I swear). The game will feature a time and weather system, some events will only happen in determined hours of the day and in determined weather conditions too, for instance: some creatures will only appear on sunny days and between 9AM to 3PM, also some NPCs will only appear in some places if some of these criterias match too. Some creatures will be walking/flying/swimming around the map and the player will be able to see them and walk towards them to start a battle and there will be other that will automatically triggers a battle if the player is not able to see too much like in tall grasses, sea, dark caves, ponds, etc. The game will be 3D and will have a huge world.

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