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The numerical design of the entire game, if there is anything unclear, you can take a look

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# Crazy Dave Bad Adventure

#Crazy Dave's Bad Adventure:

Material taken from Plants vs. Zombies Generation 1

Plant vs Zombie is made into a rougelike game, similar to Potato Brothers, but the main means of attack is plant cultivation, and the secondary means of attack is Dave's frying pan and the cooperation of various purchased props.

Zombies and Dave use Spine for animation, while plants use frame animation due to their limited number of actions.

#Add zombies on April 18, 2023

Add flag zombies, iron bucket zombies, roadblock zombies, iron gate zombies, and magnetic mushrooms to improve their iron absorption function

#Add props on April 17, 2023

#Garden adds functions such as selling plants, moving plants, and removing soil

Add key: can refresh the product for free once, white 25

Increase Card Slot: Increase the maximum limit of participating cards to a maximum of 8 blue 55

Add a shovel: it can remove soil from the garden, blue 52

Book: Add Botany+15 Blue 50

Trophy: Increase coins by 20, luck by 3, and blue by 54

Bulldozer increases Botany by 10, Strength by 5, Armor by 5, Speed by -5 Purple by 110

Lock increases damage+5, critical hit rate+5, reduces attack speed -3 blue 45

Phonophone increases botany by 10, adrenaline by 5, maximum health by 5, armor by 3, blue by 50

Sandwich increases maximum health by 10, restores health by 5, blue by 65

Add 10 gold coins to the wallet, and 20 white coins

# 2023.4.15-17

Carambola: Basic damage, damage percentage, cooldown time, bullet speed, splash damage (upgraded to increase percentage), luck

Sunflowers, Gemini Sunflowers: Sunshine (+25 per level), Lucky, Cooling Time, Generate Sunshine Quality (default 25,+5 per level, 10% increase in size), Double Drop Probability (+3 per level, default 0)

High Nuts: withstand health (botany hook) (30, default to increase botany health by 0%,+10% per level), final explosion probability (default to 0,+3% per level, explosion causes 50% health), rebound damage (default to 100%,+10% per level), rebound probability (default to 10%,+4% per level), maximum health, armor

Triple Shot Peas: cooldown time, base damage, percentage of damage, attack detection range, splash damage (increased by percentage upon upgrade), bullet speed

Torch Tree Stake: Pea Damage Increase (+10% per level, can stack multiple tree stumps), Pea Splash Damage (+10% per level), Pea Speed (+10% per level), Sunshine, Adrenaline,

Nut Wall: Basic damage, percentage damage, rolling speed, cooldown time, probability of exploding nuts (+3% per level, 500% damage caused by explosion), speed

Cold Frozen Mushroom: Frozen time (default of 3 seconds,+0.5 seconds per level), cooldown time, reduced consumption of sunlight, increased attack speed during freezing, lucky, and health restored.

Hot Pepper: Basic damage, percentage damage, cooldown time, converted sunlight rate (what percentage of 500% health), adrenaline, average zombie death rate, large zombies increase damage, consume less sunlight, explosion range

Destruction Mushroom: Basic damage, percentage damage, cooldown time, conversion sunlight rate (what percentage of 500% health), adrenaline, average zombie death rate, large zombies increase damage, and consumption of sunlight decreases

Muggle: Basic damage, percentage damage, cooldown time, conversion sunlight rate (what percentage of 500% health), average zombie immediate death rate, large zombie damage increase, combo probability (+5% per level), reduced consumption of sunlight

Potato Thunder: Basic damage, percentage damage, cooldown time, converted sunlight rate (what percentage of health is 500%), adrenaline, average zombie death rate, large zombies increase damage, consume less sunlight, explosion range, and unearthed time

#Due to the high value of diamonds and gold coins, the value of gold coins has increased to 25 and diamonds to 100

#Plant Culture Detail Design (Tentative 2023.4.3):

#The cultivated attributes are random, with a minimum of 5 designed and three randomly selected from them

Pea Sagittarius: cooldown time, base damage, percentage of damage, attack detection range, splash damage (increased by percentage upon upgrade), bullet speed

Double headed peas evolved from pea shooters, while Gatling peas evolved from double headed peas

# 2023.4.8-2023.4.14

Big Mouth Flower: Digestion Speed, Attack Detection Range, Number of Swallows at One Time, Conversion Coin Rate (200% Health), Conversion Sunshine Rate (500% Health), Basic Damage (Cannot Swallow Giant and Zombie King), Percentage Damage.

Cactus: Number of penetrations, cooldown, base damage, percentage damage, bullet speed, critical damage (default 20 chance to critical)

Clover: Lucky, attack speed (increases player's attack speed), wind speed, recovery (increases with wind speed, recovers health against wind), wind resistance (zombies slow down against wind) Clover can only be on the far left

Xiangpu: Basic damage, percentage damage, number of penetrations, critical damage (default critical rate of 30), cooldown time, bullet speed, health recovery (the effect of activating blood and relieving pain)

Cherry Bomb: Basic damage, percentage damage, cooldown time, conversion sunlight rate (what percentage of 500% health), adrenaline, average zombie death rate, large zombies increase damage, consume less sunlight, explosion range

Coffee Beans: Adrenaline, Luck, Botany, Range, Damage, Attack Speed, Speed, Strength Reduced by Eating (Maximum Health, Armor)

Corn pitcher: maximum health, base damage, percentage damage, butter probability (base probability 5%, increasing by 3% each time), cooldown time, bullet speed, butter control time.

Zeng Ge and Da Spray Mushroom: Basic damage, percentage damage, attack detection range, cooldown time, critical hit rate (default 0, 5% per level), critical hit damage (default 1.5,+0.1 per level), number of damage stages * 2 probability (default 0, 3% per level)

Sucking Golden Mushroom: Gold Coins, Lucky, Botany, Number of Gold Coins Sucked (default to a maximum of 4,+1 per level), Cooling Time, Sucking Duration

Garlic: Health recovery, adrenaline, range, botany, maximum health, attack speed, speed, reduced damage by 10, reduced luck by 5;

Tombstone Devourer: The probability of reducing the number of zombies (default 10, increased by 2 at each level, judged when zombies are released), the player increases the damage to zombies (after calculating basic damage and percentage damage, additional calculations are made), gold conversion rate, gold, damage, armor, cooldown time.

Charm Mushroom: Basic damage, percentage damage, number of attacks by the enchanted person (default of 5, only attacks can cause damage to zombies, collisions cannot be done, death will occur if there are no more times,+2 per level), continuous trigger probability (+3% per level, can be triggered continuously), lucky.

Magnetic Mushroom: Gold Coin, Lucky, Cooldown, Exchange for Gold Coin Increase (default 0,+10 per level), Absorb the number of iron products (default 1,+5 every 3 levels+1 full level), Absorb Duration.

Marigold: Coins, Lucky, Cooldown, Probability of Dropping Coins (+3% per level, default 0), Double Probability of Dropping Coins (+3% per level, default 0), Probability of Dropping Diamonds (+0.3% per level)

Street light: Attack detection range, increased attack speed within the range (default 10%,+5% per level), restored range health, increased range damage, attack speed, range

Small Spray Mushroom: Upgrade consumes less sunlight (/5) and can grow infinitely: basic damage, damage percentage, attack detection range, cooldown time, bullet speed, splash damage (upgrade increases by percentage), increased probability of firing bullets (+10% per level, if it exceeds 100, less than 100% will be judged for bullets), and bullet size;

Pumpkin: After triggering, restore health by 10% (default,+5% per level), armor, maximum health, health recovery, attack probability, and drop pumpkin (restore 10% health,+1% probability per level)

Cowardly Mushroom: Basic damage, damage percentage, attack detection range, cooldown time, bullet speed, splash damage (upgrade increases percentage), increased probability of firing bullets (+10% per level, less than 100% for each level)

Ice Peas: cooldown time, basic damage, damage percentage, attack detection range, splash damage (increased by a percentage upon upgrade), bullet speed, deceleration percentage (default 20%+3% per level), deceleration duration (default 3 seconds,+0.5 seconds per level)

Earth Stab, Earth Stab King (Destructive Vehicle): Basic damage, percentage damage, number of vehicles that can be destroyed (Earth Stab King defaults to 3, Earth Stab defaults to 1, wave disappears after destruction, Earth Stab King+1 every 3 levels, Earth Stab+1 every 5 levels), deceleration percentage, deceleration duration, adrenaline.

Split Pea Sagittarius: cooldown time, base damage, percentage of damage, attack detection range, splash damage (percentage increase upon upgrade), bullet speed

#Add props display and attribute suspension prompt function (2023.4.8)

#Add archiving function (2023.4.7)

Store props list, store attribute information, store plant information,

When continuing the game, you can read the save and choose to restart or delete it. During the reading process, you can access the store interface.

Add wave number display in the garden and automatically save at the end of each wave

Add props display and attribute hovering prompt boxes to post videos again

Change key, add

#The design concept for increasing difficulty of ordinary zombies is tentatively set as (2023.4.6):

The first 4 waves of enemy values remain unchanged and are developmental levels,

The 5th to 8th waves, the enemy's maximum health is base health * wave number/3, damage is base damage * wave number/4, attack trigger range base range+base range * wave number/10

From 9th to 12th waves, the enemy's maximum health is base health * wave number, and the damage is base damage * wave number/3

In waves 13 to 16, the maximum health of the enemy is based on basic health * wave number * 1.5, and the damage is based on basic damage * wave number/1.5

In the 17th to 20th waves, the enemy's maximum health is based on basic health * 3 * number of waves, and the damage is based on basic damage * number of waves

There is no final boss in the previous version. Above 20 waves, the maximum health of the enemy is set as basic health * 5 * wave number, and the damage is set as basic damage * 1.5 * wave number

The movement speed remains unchanged for the first 4 waves, followed by (wave number -4) * 8, with a maximum of 120

Setting the number of zombies generated

The maximum number of zombies is 80, and if there are more than 80 on the field, they will no longer be generated

#Attribute design, purchase items related to gold coins

-Max HP 12+9-3

-HP recovery 11+7-4

-Adrenaline (frying pan attack probability recovers one drop of blood) 14+8 - 6

-Strength (base of frying pan and props increased) 14+11-3

-Damage (increase in damage percentage)

-Attack speed (frying pan attack speed) 11+8-3

-Range (trigger range of frying pan and props) 11+8 - 3

-Critical Hit Rate+10

-Speed (increases movement speed) 11+7-4

-Armor: Damage reduction of 13+11-2

-Lucky: The probability of high-quality props and coins dropping+14

-Sunshine: Increase Sunshine+5 at the end of the turn

-Coins: How many coins will be added after the end of the turn+6

-Botany (plant damage and effects)+11

#Plants are divided into four types: 1. Randomly plant battles, 2. Manually place attacks, 3. Cultivate and increase attributes, and 4. Functional types, such as absorbing coins, weakening enemies, blocking enemies, etc

#The plant design is roughly as follows

-Cactus: A balloon that can pierce through a balloon zombie in that straight line (otherwise the balloon zombie will be invincible and can only escape)

-Clover: Blow randomly in one direction, speed increases when running downwind, and is not affected when running upwind (balloon zombies slow down when running upwind)

-Typha: requires a water flower pot, lotus leaves, and cattail seed planting (full screen attack, can puncture balloons)

-Big Mouth Flower: Plant randomly, devour small zombies, attack giants and zombie kings

-Coffee beans: Add protagonist attributes after purchasing and planting (determined after attribute determination)

-Corn pitcher: Battle against zombies with plants, collectively referred to as

-Flower pot: Therefore, plant cultivation requires a flower pot. Each time a flower pot is refreshed, a gift is given, and the prop bar can be refreshed to a water flower pot

-Big Spray Mushroom: Same as

-Gatling Peas: Same as

-Zeng Ge: Tong

-Golden Magnetic Mushroom: Probability to automatically absorb dropped coins

-Garlic: Increase or decrease certain attributes after planting

-Tombstone Devourer: After cultivation, the number of zombie appearances per time is -1

-Charm Mushroom: The unlocking condition is not to immediately exit after death. The cumulative number of zombies killing each other reaches 100 to unlock. The first zombie in Charm attacks other zombies on the field

-Lotus Leaf: It is necessary to plant cattails or increase attributes

-Magnetic mushroom: can absorb iron for money

-Marigold: Produces gold coins, which will be added upon completion

-Pea Sagittarius: Same as

-Street Lamp: Zombie movement speed decreases near the lamp, and player attack speed increases

-Small spray mushroom: can grow with unlimited sunlight

-Pumpkin: The protagonist avoids death once

-Double hair: same

-Cowardly Mushroom: Same as

-Cold Ice Peas: Same

-Earth Stab King, Earth Stab: Both continue to cause damage, and the Earth Magnet Stab will disappear in one car

-Bidirectional Peas: Same

-Carambola: Same as

-Sunflowers: Produce sunlight, additional after completion

-High Nut: Same as, with mocking function, zombies attack high nut first when present

-San Fa: Same

-Torch: Add all peas

-Bidirectional Sunflower: Large Sunlight

-Nuts: Roll out from home and collide, same as the mini game Nuts


-The following are manual plants

-Cold Ice Mushroom: Manual Plant

-Hot Pepper: Same as Ash Plant 1

-Corn Cannon: Two Corn Pitchers

-Cherry Bomb: manually clicking on the ash plant to release

-Destruction Mushroom: causes damage in full screen, leaving a pit where the protagonist cannot step in

-Muggle: Manual click to release

-Potato Thunder: Manually planted during battles, can only fry one grid


-All plants are randomly planted, launched in one direction and cannot be turned.

#Props are mainly divided into 1, increasing attributes, 2, unlocking abilities, 3 cultivating plants, etc

#The prop design is roughly as follows:


-Credited chin: increases adrenaline, restores health, attacks speed, and reduces maximum health

-Crying Heart: increases maximum health and reduces adrenaline

-Metal Plate: increases coins, armor, maximum health, and reduces adrenaline

-Throat: increases adrenaline, maximum health, reduces health recovery

-Xiaohai Mushroom Hat: increases luck, botany, adrenaline, reduces maximum health

-Sunshine Mushroom Hat: increases sunlight, maximum health, and reduces strength

-Beard: increases armor, luck, reduces adrenaline

-Glasses: increases range and critical hit rate

-Beard: increases luck and critical hit rate

-Leaves: Adding Botany, Lucky

-Flower: Increase maximum growth

-Fertilizers: Adding Botany



-Diamonds: Gold coins increase, luck increases

-Sunflower: Adding Botany, Lucky, Sunshine

-Basket: increases range, critical hit rate, botany, reduces attack speed

-Rake: increases strength and critical hit rate

-Kettle: increases botany, increases armor, restores health, and reduces attack speed

-Clown Box: Increases luck, adrenaline, and speed

-Water spray: increases maximum health, restores health, attacks speed, reduces adrenaline, and armor

-Turf: increases health recovery, movement speed, attack speed, and reduces strength

-Ground Stab: increases speed, attack speed, restores health, and reduces adrenaline

-Snail: increases armor, botany, reduces speed, adrenaline

-Insecticides: increase botany, increase adrenaline, and reduce life recovery



-Ice Melon: increases maximum health, adrenaline, range, and reduces health recovery

-Watermelon: Increase maximum health, health recovery, range, and reduce armor

-Water Flower Pot: Added botany, unlocked lotus leaves and lotus leaves unlocked cattails.

-Marigold Petals: Increase Coins, Luck, Botany

-Wisdom Tree Fertilizer: Increase Botany, Luck, Sunshine

-Basketball: increases strength, attack speed, critical hit rate, luck


-Spinach: After eating it, I will vigorously increase strength, unlock flying head damage, and repel it

-Small Cart: Increase strength, speed, and deal damage to monsters in a straight line every period of time (kill 20 with great force to unlock)


-Iron Bucket: Increase armor, strength, and reduce range (defeat an iron bucket to unlock)

-Barricade: increases armor, strength, damage, reduces range (defeats a barricade to unlock)

-Iron Gate: increases armor, strength, and reduces speed

-Newspaper: Increase Botany, Coins, Luck, Reduce Strength

-Escalator: increases strength, critical hit rate, range, and reduces attack speed

-Rugby Helmet: increases armor, luck, coins, reduces range

-Road signs: increase strength, range, critical hit rate, armor, and reduce speed

-Obtained by defeating zombies above




-Ice Crushing: increases adrenaline, luck, coins, armor, speed, reduces health recovery, and attack speed (unlocked using Ice Mushroom 10 times)

-Flame: increases critical hit rate, sunlight, damage, speed, and deducts health per second (unlocks using Hot Pepper 10 times)

-Hammer: increases strength and critical hit rate. You can use the left button to hit zombies, and the frequency is affected by attack speed (defeating giant zombies to unlock)

-Portal: increases gold coins, luck, and damage. Randomly generates two portals on the field, which can perform two teleports and have a cooldown (unlocking by killing 100 zombies with great force)

-The above items can be displayed in the game when obtained


-Fog Machine: increases maximum health, damage, luck, reduces speed, and has a chance of generating fog around Dave, reducing the hit rate of zombie ranged attacks

-Light machine: increases sunlight, increases attack speed,

-Microphone: adrenaline, critical hit rate,

-Sound: increases range, strength, and armor

-Concert: Gather together the lighting machine, microphone, sound system, fog machine, all attributes increased, and zombies within the range continue to suffer damage



-Special props can be added in the future (2023.3.31):

-Iron absorption stone, white quality, attribute reduction, obtaining the effect of automatically adsorbing coins with the mouse, no need to click to complete Speed 3

-Black square, white quality, attribute reduction, automatic mouse absorption of sunlight effect, no need to click, completed on April 4, 2023- Botany

-Key, white quality, no attributes added, free item refresh once

-Small cart parts, blue quality, without attributes. Can increase the maximum limit of the small cart, which requires the achievement that the small cart fails to hit an enemy in one attack.

-Card slot, blue quality, with a small amount of botany added, and an upper limit for manual plant carrying.

-Stinky fart, purple quality, reduces attributes and increases the damage effect of three body positions behind you

#Props, attributes, and coins related:

-I hope to buy up to 3 white, 1 blue, 0.5 purple, and 0.2 red monsters after passing the first level. There are about 60 monsters in the first level, and the probability of dropping coins is about 10. 60 gold coins may drop coins, but the probability is affected by luck, The price range for white props is between 10 and 30. Blue props are between 45 and 80, purple props are between 100 and 140, and red props are between 280 and 320

-Price inflation rate of props after each wave, white represents wave number/3 blue represents wave number/5 purple represents wave number/6 red represents wave number/8

-Plant prices remain unchanged

-Refresh price each time (refresh times+wave number) * 2+1, the first refresh price is+2 after each wave


-The probability of refreshing the appearance of items and linking them with luck is 100%. The probability of white quality appearing is 100%. The probability of blue quality appearing is 40% before luck (20+luck), 40% -50 (fixed 60), and 50% above luck (100 white (10) - purple red). The probability of purple quality being lucky is 2%. The probability of red quality being lucky is 10%. The probability of white quality being the lowest is 10%. The probability of blue quality being the highest is 60%, and the probability of purple quality being the highest is 40%

-Whether to drop silver coins, gold coins, diamonds, linked to luck, with a probability of silver coins (15+lucky)%, gold coins (lucky/6)%, and diamonds (lucky/30)%

-Priority should be given to judging high quality, and if each product is produced, low quality should be judged in sequence


-Health value 1:6 gold coins

-Health recovery 1:5 coins

-Adrenaline 1:3 gold coin

-Strength 1:15 Gold Coins

-Damage 1: 4 coins

-Attack speed 1:5 coins

-Scope 1:3 gold coins

-Critical Hit Rate 1:10 Gold Coins

-Speed 1:5 coins

-Armor 1:10

-Lucky: 1:8

-Sunshine 25:10

-Gold coin 1:2

-Botany 1:4


-Blue Total Gold Coin Discount 10

-Purple discount 30

-Red discount 50

#Plant Price Design (Quality and Price Classification Based on Ability) 2023.4.2:

#Plant prices have no inflation rate, white 15-30, blue 30-50, purple 50-90, red 90-120


-Pea Shooter, 15

-Big Mouth Flower, 20

-Garlic, 20

-Lotus leaves, 15

-Small spray mushroom, 15

-Cowardly Mushroom, 20

-Ground Sting, 20

-Sunflowers, 20

-Potato Thunder, 30

-Muggle, 30

-Nuts, 30


-Double-haired Peas, 25 (Evolution of Pea Sagittarius)

-Cactus, 50 (penetration)

-Clover, 45

-Coffee beans, 40

-Corn pitcher, 30

-Magnetic mushroom, 35

-Marigold, 50

-Pumpkin, 50

-Ice Peas, 40

-High nut, 40

-Gemini Sunflower, 50

-Cold Ice Mushroom, 50

-Cherry Bomb, 50

-Big Spray Mushroom 40


-Gatling Peas, 35 (Double Evolution)

-Zeng Ge, 80

-Golden magnetic mushroom, 70

-Tomb Devourer, 70

-Charming Mushroom, 90

-Street lights, 70

-Earth Stab King, 50

-Bidirectional Peas, 50

-Carambola, 90

-Three Peas, 50

-Torch, 90

-Corn Cannon 90


-Destruction Mushroom, 120

-Chili peppers 100

-Typhae, 90

#Add existing props to display on the store page to be done

#Attribute suspension display prompt information to be done.

#Sunshine falling:

The number of sunlight drops varies from 1 to 6, depending on luck. Lucky falls below 10 and reaches a maximum of 60,

Luck only affects the maximum number of drops, and the specific number of drops is randomly 1 to 6;

#After complete completion (zombies, plants added), we plan to add:

-1. Before the next wave, players can freely choose music for the concert

-2. Players can freely design prop properties and types using Json

-3. Prop purchase, such as a concert. If a combination of props has been purchased, the props will not be brushed until the combination is completed (completed on April 5th, 2022, not yet: only red quality concerts can be combined, with subsequent additions of white, blue, and purple)

-4. Click on the adventure animation in the start menu to add

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