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Crazy Wheels comes with a full fledge Level Editor. Here is how the first iteration works.

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Crazy Wheels - Level Editor Description

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I believe that games should allow players to create their own experiences, be it maps or mods. It's great for getting a wide variety of maps, keep the game alive and fresh possibly forever and in this case it allows me to enjoy my own game in a new way :-D

Towards that goal, the first step I've taken in Crazy Wheels is the integration of a level editor that will allow the user to create their own maps, in a similar style to a Unity editor.

In the current iteration of the editor, the player is allowed to place any prefab from the game and make maps of any size they want just like you would in the original editor. The player can also place lights in his scene, powerups, waypoints and respawn zones.

Unfortunately there are some limitations: the editor only tracks the parent prefab, so if the children are moved, they will not registered when saving the map. The light parameters also cannot be changed. Finally the user is allowed to move the start position but not create it on his own.

Once all the elements have been places, the editor creates a cwm file (which is just an xml file) with all the prefab positions, as well as startline and waypoint positions. This file is then automatically read by the game and appears in your available maps, it can then be shared between friends. (Steam workshop or another way of sharing the levels more globally and easily isnt implemented yet but will be coming later)

There is still a lot of improvement possible, but I believe that in its current state it already allows for a great amount of flexibility.

See the following video to a quick walkthrough of a the steps for creating a level:



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